Vt. high school dress code now bans pajamas

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

BENNINGTON, Vt. — A Vermont high school is putting an end to the pajama party.

The revised dress code at Bennington’s Mount Anthony Union High School now prohibits pajamas and slippers.
Associate Principal David Beriau said too many students were coming to school wearing night clothes.

“It’s a safety hazard, certainly with slippers, and it also says something to the work ethic,” Beriau said. “Like anything else, if you get yourself into a mental state about something you’re going to be more prepared to work, and if you come to school in pajamas you’re prepared for something else.”

The school’s revised dress code also bans “clothing that is excessively tight so as to be provocative.”

Beriau told the Bennington Banner it may be difficult to determine what crosses the line making clothing provocative, but officials wanted to make sure underwear wasn’t showing and students were dressed in a way they would at work.

“We’re dealing with trying to reinforce civility, if not initiate it, so we want the clothing to be a statement that these are kids coming to school with respect to each other, themselves and the school and set a tone that is going to be conducive to learning,” Beriau said.

Other additions to the dress code are prohibitions on bandanas and colors that “could be associated with either a criminal enterprise or gang affiliation.”

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