Veterans set off flag flap with supersized Stars and Stripes

Monday, June 29, 1998

Declaring their free-expression rights, veterans in Durham, N.C., flew a 280-square-foot flag over the weekend in defiance of a city ordinance prohibiting the exhibition of flags larger than 60 square feet.

“They're putting it in the same category as a sign,” said Herman Amrein, a member of American Legion Post No. 7. “It puts out a message but not like a sign advertising someone's restaurant. The message to me is what the country is all about and the American people are all about.”

To protest the ordinance, the veterans hoisted the enormous flag at their post headquarters late Friday afternoon. They waved the flag again on Saturday and Sunday in hopes of getting a citation from the city, a ticket they aim to fight.

The Flag Desecration

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