Texas administrators review high school newspaper

Friday, May 15, 1998

The principal of an Arlington, Texas, high school says he wants to get all of the facts before taking any more actions against students and teachers involved with insensitive material in the school newspaper.

In the final edition for the school year of The Warrior Post, several senior staff members included some praise and parting shots for other classmates and some community members. The issue, circulated Monday, contains profanity, sexual innuendo and some racially charged statements.

School officials put newspaper sponsor, Robbie Griffin, on administrative leave with pay earlier this week pending an investigation.

“This is under review as we speak,” Martin High School Principal Steve Jacoby told the Dallas Morning News. “Students need to understand that the publication belongs to the school, not an individual.”

In an unrelated incident at the school this week, Jacoby said no action would be taken against a drama teacher and her students involved in a class project, a student-edited version of Alan Ball’s play, Five Women Wearing the Same Dress.

The student version of the play, which was to be performed in class this week before students and invited parents, includes profane language, dramatizations of marijuana and cocaine use and conversations about casual and oral sex. The play required one character to bare her breasts.

Jacoby said drama teacher Karen Baker had been out of town and didn’t know about the sexual content of the play. When administrators learned about the subject matter, they quashed the play.