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Free speech or threat? A tough call sometimes

7th Circuit ruling in white supremacist’s case illustrates how difficult it is — and should be — to criminalize what we say.

Calif. court: Gang clothing can be factor in police search

Appeals judges say Michael Skeen also stopped suspected white supremacist because of his littering and his reaction to seeing a police officer.

9th Circuit rejects inmate’s free-speech claim

Appeals court avoids First Amendment issue, falling back on granting qualified immunity to Oregon prison officials.

White-supremacy group doesn’t qualify as religion

A California inmate who adheres to the white-supremacist Creativity Movement has lost his federal lawsuit to force prison officials to recognize his racial beliefs as a religion. Creativity Movement is the current name of the former World Church of the Creator, which changed names after losing a trademark-infringement lawsuit.
Scott Conner, an inmate at Pelican Bay [...]

White supremacist gets good news in midst of setback

Maybe Matthew Hale has something to be thankful for after all.
The day before Thanksgiving didn’t start well for Hale, the would-be lawyer and Pontifex Maximus (Supreme Leader) of the World Church of the Creator. On Nov. 21, the Illinois Supreme Court upheld the state’s Solicitation for Charity Act, which requires charities to register and report [...]

Roundup: Federal judge orders Indiana church to surrender property

A federal judge has ordered an Indianapolis congregation to give up its church building to satisfy a nearly $6 million debt to the IRS. U.S. District Judge Sarah Evans Barker's order yesterday gives the Indianapolis Baptist Temple until Nov. 14 to move out, after which the IRS will sell the property. The church has been [...]

Roundup: Police targeted media during L.A. protests, ACLU alleges

The American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California filed a
federal lawsuit Aug. 21 charging that Los Angeles police targeted members of
the media in their attempts to control demonstrators outside the
Democratic National Convention
earlier this month. All of the incidents referenced in the lawsuit revolve
around police actions to disperse a crowd of several thousand people who
gathered for [...]

Roundup: Federal appeals court upholds state’s rules on tobacco ads

A federal appeals court yesterday upheld most of the strict regulations on tobacco advertising imposed by Massachusetts last year, ruling they do not violate the free-speech rights of tobacco companies. Lorillard Tobacco Co., Brown and Williamson Corp., R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. and Philip Morris had sued the state over health-warning label requirements and bans on [...]