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In higher education, low tolerance for free speech

A student who handed out flyers is charged with religious discrimination for disseminating views critical of a religious group. But wait, there’s more.

On college campuses, zoning out free speech

How freedom of speech is under assault on many American college and university campuses.

Idaho high court rules against ex-professor

State justices say Habib Sadid’s firing for violating protocol for criticism of administrators was justified, therefore he is not entitled to unemployment benefits.

Univ. of Iowa ordered to release settlement agreement

State appeals court says public’s right to know outweighs privacy of former medical school employee who was allowed to quietly resign after a personnel dispute.

U. of R.I. leader defends prof’s NRA remark as protected speech

After Newtown massacre, history professor Erik Loomis tweeted that he wanted National Rifle Association CEO Wayne LaPierre’s ‘head on a stick.’

6th Circuit backs university in firing of employee for op-ed

Cynthia Dixon had argued that she wrote opinion piece in Toledo newspaper as a private citizen, not on behalf of the university.

Civility efforts seek better behavior on college campuses

First Amendment advocates, however, have challenged some campus campaigns out of concern that such programs muzzle unpopular speech in the name of tolerance and diversity.

9th Circuit restores lawsuit from Oregon State paper

Judges say they have ‘little trouble’ finding constitutional violations on the part of university officials, who are accused of arbitrarily restricting a conservative-leaning student newspaper’s distribution.

Supreme Court halts turnover of secret IRA tapes

Unless the Justice Department appeals and wins, Boston College will not have to hand over interviews recorded with a convicted Irish Republican Army bomber.

U. Tenn.: Pregame prayers don’t violate Constitution

The invocations are nonsectarian, officials tell Freedom From Religion Foundation; elsewhere, a Pennsylvania school board decides to stop opening meetings with prayer.

Group loses bid to get U. Va. climate researcher’s e-mails

Retired state judge says Michael Mann’s e-mails are exempt from the Virginia Freedom of Information Act.

Ex-U. of Colo. professor loses bid to win back job

After Colorado high court grants university regents immunity, Ward Churchill’s attorney says they’ll take free-speech claim to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Calif. lawmakers urge colleges to squelch anti-Semitism

Assembly-passed resolution angers advocates for Muslim students, who say it goes too far and constitutes an attack on students’ free speech.

Univ. backs off crumb-y handling of dispute with baker

Mary Cesar had received a letter threatening legal action because some of her hand-decorated cakes and cookies carried Alabama-related images.

Fight over Univ. of Ga. newspaper appears to be resolved

The board ‘met all the key points we asked for,’ says former editor-in-chief, who was among the student workers who walked out last week over concern control of Red & Black was being taken from them.

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