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In higher education, low tolerance for free speech

A student who handed out flyers is charged with religious discrimination for disseminating views critical of a religious group. But wait, there’s more.

On college campuses, zoning out free speech

How freedom of speech is under assault on many American college and university campuses.

FIRE issues new guide to campus free speech

Foundation for Individual Rights in Education’s second edition includes a wealth of information on free-speech issues that frequently arise on college and university campuses.

Univ. of Calif. pays to settle seized photographer’s lawsuit

UC Berkeley police also will change procedures, undergo training as part of settlement with photographer arrested at violent protest in 2009.

Painter’s court win affirms visual free expression

11th Circuit rules that First Amendment protection for Daniel A. Moore’s paintings of University of Alabama football scenes outweighs the university’s trademark interest.

Ruling affirms Ill. campus free-press act

It’s good news for almost everyone as federal judge orders Chicago State University to reinstate adviser fired in dispute over stories that ran in the college newspaper.

8th Circuit: Woman can challenge law school’s hiring decision

Court finds Teresa Wagner, who applied for positions at the University of Iowa College of Law, presented enough evidence of political discrimination to be allowed to proceed to trial.

30 years ago today, high court backed student Christian group

In Widmar v. Vincent, Justices said public universities can’t discriminate against student groups on the basis of their religious views.

Tenn. lawmaker calls on college to punish Capitol protesters

NASHVILLE — State Sen. Randy McNally has urged the University of Memphis to take action against a student group that he said was involved in protests last week at the Capitol that resulted in seven arrests.
On March 17, McNally, R-Oak Ridge, said the protests two days earlier were worse than when anti-income tax protesters threw [...]

Pa. university’s foundation loses bid to block access to records

EAST STROUDSBURG, Pa. — Pennsylvania’s highest court has upheld a ruling entitling a newspaper to donor financial information from East Stroudsburg University’s foundation.
The Pocono Record reports the state Supreme Court issued an order March 16 refusing to hear the university’s appeal of a lower court ruling.
The action is expected to clear the way for the [...]

At least in Ill., an antidote to college media censorship

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At least in Illinois, a legal case inimical to college press freedom appears to be dead.
In 2005, the full 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals stunned college media across the country when it decided in Hosty v. Carter that college administrators could, without violating the First Amendment, exercise editorial control over campus newspapers. [...]

Workers can’t ‘invoke power of government’ to silence professor

PHOENIX — A federal appeals court ruling in a case involving a college professor’s racially charged e-mails says First Amendment rights mean people offended should delete the e-mails or engage the sender in debate, not “invoke the power of the government” to shut him up.
The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruling yesterday doesn’t outright [...]

Court to resolve split over rules for campus clubs

WASHINGTON — Once again, the Supreme Court will navigate the difficult waters of student religious speech on public university campuses.
Agreeing to hear the first church-state case of the current term, the justices yesterday granted review in Christian Legal Society v. Martinez, a clash between the non-discrimination policies of the University of California’s Hastings College of [...]

Group warns of threats to academic freedom, faculty speech

Public colleges and universities must be vigilant and do more to protect academic freedom, particularly in the wake of court decisions limiting the free-expression rights of public employees, says the American Association of University Professors.
AAUP, the nation’s largest group that represents academics, has launched a campaign it calls “Speak Up, Speak Out: Protect the Faculty [...]

2 campus newspaper staffers charged with trespassing in dorm

Editor's note: The Associated Press reported Nov. 9 that student journalist Katie Hibson said she wouldn't appeal a ruling that she trespassed when she entered a dorm to interview students about a “Peeping Tom” incident. The ruling was issued Nov. 5 by James Madison University's Office of Judicial Affairs. The charges against Tim Chapman were [...]

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