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Mo. man receives $7,000 after arrest for flag desecration

Federal judge assesses compensatory damages for man jailed seven hours for shredding a U.S. flag in 2009.

Star-spangled inspiration on Flag Day

The 1813 flag that Francis Scott Key saw is an awe-inspiring sight at the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. — on Flag Day or any day.

Federal judge strikes down Mo. flag-desecration law

Ruling stems from case of Frank Snider, a Cape Girardeau man arrested in 2009 for cutting up an American flag and then throwing it into the street.

Students appeal ruling in American-flag T-shirt case

Appellate brief before 9th Circuit accuses Morgan Hill, Calif., school officials of discriminating against students’ point of view when they wore flag shirts on Cinco de Mayo.

How could court find U.S. flag T-shirt disruptive?

A more appropriate response by school officials would be to punish students who create disruptions, rather than those seeking to express themselves.

Calif. school can bar students’ American flag T-shirts

Federal judge agrees with Morgan Hill district official who called the wearing shirts of U.S. flag shirts on Mexican holiday ‘incendiary.’

Kan. teacher who stepped on flag steps back

Jennifer McKinsey says she’ll change her lessons after parents objected when she trod on a U.S. flag while discussing free-speech rights in her high school history class.

On Flag Day, rights and wrongs about Old Glory

It seems odd that, although most of us claim to respect Old Glory and shudder at the thought of its being desecrated in protest, we don’t always take proper care of our grand old flag.

Rights of veteran who displayed inverted flag were violated

However, federal judge declines Robert Rosebrock’s request for injunction that would have allowed him to display upside-down flags in the future.

Opposing flag-burning with violence trashes freedom

Louisiana State University counter-protest turns ugly, thereby defacing what the American flag stands for.

Calif. middle schooler gets apology in U.S. flag flap

DENAIR, Calif. — A Stanislaus County school official has apologized to a student who was told to remove an American flag from the back of his bicycle.
Last week, a supervisor at Denair Middle School told 13-year-old Cody Alicea to remove the flag over concerns for the teen's safety. School officials said some students had made [...]

Calif. students sue over U.S. flag-clothing flap

MORGAN HILL, Calif. — The families of three students at a California high school who were ordered to remove clothing with the U.S. flag on Cinco de Mayo are suing the school district.
The lawsuit was filed June 23 in U.S. District Court in San Jose. The lawsuit claims school officials at Live Oak High School [...]

Woman in Barnette reflects on famous flag-salute case

One in a series of interviews with principals involved in First Amendment-related U.S. Supreme Court cases (see “SCT interview” keyword below).
Most First Amendment enthusiasts probably don’t know the name Marie Snodgrass. The name may not ring a bell even for many die-hard free-speech advocates. But Marie Snodgrass — the former Marie Barnett — helped to [...]

WWII vet fights homeowners group over flagpole

RICHMOND, Va. — One of the nation's oldest Medal of Honor winners was back in the fight yesterday, this time against a neighborhood association that wants him to take down a front-yard flagpole.
Supporters, including a U.S. senator, have been falling in behind 90-year-old retired Army Col. Van T. Barfoot, a World War II veteran awarded [...]

Upside-down flag stirs legal threat, debate in Wis. village

WAUSAU, Wis. — An American flag flown upside down as a protest in a northern Wisconsin village was seized by police before a Fourth of July parade and the businessman who flew it — an Iraq war veteran — claims the officers trespassed and stole his property.
A day after the parade, police returned the flag [...]

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