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Fort Hood shooting suspect’s refusal to shave halts trial

Military appeals court is considering Nidal Hasan’s objections to judge’s order that he remove his beard or have it forcibly removed.

Texas again barred from cutting funds to Planned Parenthood

5th Circuit lifts stay on lower court injunction, saying state hasn’t shown that it will be irreparably harmed by holding off on enforcing new law until trial can be held.

Texas can bar Planned Parenthood from program — for now

5th Circuit judge issues emergency stay, saying he wants to hear arguments on whether the state should be prevented from enforcing law.

Small-town cafe banter becomes defamation lawsuit

Attorney says that if verdict stands, ‘it will make joking remarks, hasty words made in anger … an actionable tort and turn every barbershop, tavern and small town restaurant into litigation centers.’

2 Texas educators must apologize to agnostic family

But federal judge declines to hold superintendent, band director in contempt for public comments made after February settlement in school-prayer case.

5th Circuit rejects Muslim inmate’s religious-liberty lawsuit

Texas prisoner claimed he was unconstitutionally barred from Muslim religious services for six months as discipline for causing a prison ruckus.

Federal court upholds Texas sonogram law

Judge had previously struck down parts of the statute, but his latest ruling says he’s bound to follow the direction of the 5th Circuit in declaring the law constitutional.

Scientist accuses Texas agency of censoring research article

Oceanographer says environmental agency is refusing to publish his work on a Texas bay unless he deletes key references to rising sea levels and human involvement in climate change.

Pregnancy centers challenge Austin sign ordinance

Four faith-based centers say law, which requires them to post signs stating they neither offer nor refer clients to abortion or birth control services, violates freedom of speech and religion.

Ex-Texas county attorney convicted of retaliation

Scott Tidwell gets four months in jail and 10 years’ probation for retaliating against two nurses who made an anonymous complaint about a doctor to state medical regulators.

Parts of Texas sonogram law violate free speech, court finds

Federal judge upholds requirement that a sonogram be performed before an abortion but strikes down provisions requiring doctors to describe the images to their patients and requiring women to hear the descriptions.

Texas high court upholds ‘pole tax,’ lets down First Amendment

Ruling fails to acknowledge that $5-per-customer fee for clubs that feature nude dancing and serve alcohol is simply a tax on unpopular speech.

Texas Supreme Court upholds strip-club ‘pole tax’

Lower courts had said state-imposed fee violates First Amendment, but high court says $5-per-customer charge is too small to be considered a burden on free expression.

Court tosses portion of Texas charitable-solicitations rules

5th Circuit relies on a trio of high court precedents from the 1980s in striking down part of state’s disclosure requirements for for-profit companies that collect or solicit donated goods for charities.

Texas governor’s call to prayer is legal, but troubling

Unlike most ‘prayer proclamations,’ Rick Perry’s plan includes co-hosting a major Christian worship event — which raises serious questions about his commitment to represent all Texans.

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