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In Tenn. mosque fight, religious freedom trumps Islamophobia

U.S. Supreme Court puts an end to bias-based lawsuit challenging permit for construction of an Islamic Center near Murfreesboro.

Are ‘religious viewpoint’ laws needed in public schools?

The biggest problem with protection laws for student religious expression is the potential for abuse.

When God-talk by kids is protected speech

Fortunately, a growing number of schools are getting the message that the First Amendment doesn’t mandate a religion-free zone in public schools.

Inmate presses First Amendment claim over monitored calls to his attorney

Tennessee county sheriff’s office will have to convince a court that there were legitimate safety interests in monitoring inmate calls.

Judge halts Tenn. law restricting online sex ads

The Tennessean reports that federal judge agrees with arguments by that the law infringes on freedom of speech.

News outlets sue for records on 31 Tenn. child deaths

Lawsuit led by The Tennessean says details on how and why children died are important to the public and outweigh any privacy concerns.

Do you have free speech in a shopping mall?

Man’s anti-gun T-shirt in Murfreesboro, Tenn., mall probably isn’t protected if the mall is privately owned.

Tenn. athletic association is subject to open-records law

Ruling in favor of Nashville newspaper, Chancery Court judge says TSSAA is the functional equivalent of a government agency.

6th Circuit orders court to reconsider Tenn. ballot-access case

Three-judge panel says federal judge should re-evaluate state’s rules governing third-party access in light of changes made since he ruled against the state in February.

Death-row inmate loses FOIA lawsuit against FBI

6th Circuit found Michael Dale Rimmer didn’t prove there was a significant public interest in releasing redacted information in agency records.

Anonymous speech at risk in Memphis case

A government body is trying to bolster its chances of winning a lawsuit at the expense of people who commented on a website on a public issue.

Civility efforts seek better behavior on college campuses

First Amendment advocates, however, have challenged some campus campaigns out of concern that such programs muzzle unpopular speech in the name of tolerance and diversity.

Tenn. county refuses to release mayor’s ‘personal’ e-mails

Six messages have subject lines that appear related to Tim Burchett’s campaign for mayor, but Knox County Law Department says they don’t qualify as public records.

Tenn. man’s complaints about co-worker not protected speech

Federal judge rejects fired Franklin garbage-truck driver’s retaliation claims, saying his comments were made as part of his official duties and weren’t on a matter of public concern.

Students to cover Tenn. federal justice system

Judges and news industry leaders say Seigenthaler News Service will give college journalists valuable experience while holding federal officials more accountable.

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