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Late mob informant leaves First Amendment legacy

Henry Hill, of Wiseguy and ‘Goodfellas’ fame, also was involved in a Supreme Court case concerning the money he was paid by publisher Simon & Schuster.

O.J. Simpson can’t have book, TV proceeds

Editor’s note: A federal bankruptcy judge in Miami on July 30 awarded the rights of If I Did It to the Goldmans. The book wound up in a Miami court after Lorraine Brooke Associates, owned by Simpson’s children, filed for bankruptcy shortly after Judge Gerald Rosenberg in California ordered the rights sold to benefit the [...]

Federal judge freezes O.J. Simpson book money

LOS ANGELES — A federal has judge prohibited O.J. Simpson from using money he may have received from a canceled book deal and TV interview. In the book, Simpson reportedly told a hypothetical tale of how he would have killed his ex-wife and her friend Ronald Goldman.
U.S. District Judge Manuel Real issued the order on [...]

Public has no right to view Unabomber’s original writings, court told

SAN FRANCISCO — The public has no First Amendment right to view the original writings and other evidence seized in 1996 from Unabomber Theodore Kaczynski’s cabin in Montana, the Justice Department told a federal appeals court last week.
Kaczynski pleaded guilty in 1998 to a nearly 20-year bombing spree that killed three people and injured 23. [...]

Nevada high court strikes down ‘Son of Sam’ law

CARSON CITY, Nev. — A state law intended to prohibit convicts from profiting from their crimes has been deemed unconstitutional by the Nevada Supreme Court.
The case involved Jimmy Lerner, convicted in Washoe County of manslaughter for the 1998 death of Mark Slavin. While incarcerated, Lerner wrote a book about his imprisonment and the killing of [...]

Prison destroys inmates’ writing

HARTFORD, Conn. — Prison officials destroyed computer files containing inmates’ personal writing days after a prisoner won a national writing award, best-selling author Wally Lamb said.
Lamb, who teaches a creative-writing workshop at the York Correctional Facility in East Lyme, said yesterday that 15 female inmates lost up to five years of work when officials at [...]

Government can keep Unabomber writings

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Unabomber Theodore Kaczynski’s anti-technology writings can be held indefinitely by the government, rather than sold to raise money for his victims or donated to a university for scholarly research, according to a ruling from a federal judge.
U.S. District Judge Garland E. Burrell Jr. ruled March 5 in U.S. v. Kaczynski that the [...]

Scott Peterson may sell his story, judge rules

MODESTO, Calif. — Scott Peterson can sell his story, despite the objections of his dead wife’s mother, under a tentative ruling from a Stanislaus County judge.
Sharon Rocha, Laci Peterson’s mother, asked the judge to keep any payments from potential book or movie deals in a trust account until a verdict is reached in Scott Peterson’s [...]

Victim’s family seeks profits from Nevada killer’s best seller

CARSON CITY, Nev. — Donna Seres thought it was bad enough that Jimmy Lerner killed her brother at a Reno hotel-casino in 1997.
Then, she became outraged after Lerner wrote a best-selling book about the crime based on notes smuggled out of a Nevada prison.
Now, Seres is taking her lawsuit seeking Lerner’s book profits to the [...]

High court won’t hear Sammy the Bull’s beef over book profits

WASHINGTON — Sammy the Bull won’t get to air his beef at the Supreme Court.
The justices did not comment today in turning down an appeal from the former Mafia hit man and mob turncoat, who wants to reclaim more than $380,000 in royalties from a book about his life.
Underboss: Sammy the Bull Gravano’s Story of [...]

Supreme Court sends several First Amendment cases packing

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court today turned away a host of First Amendment cases, dealing losses to Frank Sinatra Jr., the Green Party's Ralph Nader, former Olympic security guard Richard Jewell, and a South Carolina tattoo artist, among others.
Their cases were among more than a thousand that justices refused to consider as they returned to [...]

California Assembly committee passes new ‘Son of Sam’ bill

Editor’s note: The Assembly unanimously passed SB1887 on Aug. 26, and the Senate approved the Assembly’s amendments on Aug. 28. Gov. Gray Davis signed the bill, known as the “Son of Sam II law,” on Sept. 17.
SACRAMENTO — An Assembly committee unanimously passed a bill late last week that would allow victims to sue criminals [...]

Yates story could test state’s ban on profiting from crime

HOUSTON — No one has bought the rights to the story of a Houston woman convicted and sentenced to life in prison for drowning her children. Not yet, anyway.
Should that happen, some legal experts and victims’ rights advocates believe that Andrea Yates’ case could end up reversing Texas laws allowing the proceeds from media [...]

Massachusetts high court knocks down ‘Son of Sam’ bill

BOSTON — A bill designed to block criminals from profiting from their crimes violates free-speech provisions of the state and federal constitutions, the state’s highest court has ruled.
Lawmakers had asked for the court’s opinion on the bill, which would set aside profits a criminal makes from selling his story. The profits would then be distributed [...]

California ‘Son of Sam’ law struck down

SAN FRANCISCO — Citing free-speech concerns, the state Supreme Court yesterday unanimously struck down a law that barred felons from profiting from the sale of their crime stories.
The 1983 statute, nicknamed the “Son of Sam” law, required that convicted criminals give all money earned from book, movie or other deals to their victims or the [...]

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