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Judge was right to invalidate sex-offender Internet law

Too broad, too vague, federal judge says of Louisiana law restricting social-media use by former sex offenders.

10th Circuit rejects library ban on sex offenders

Panel finds Albuquerque failed to show its blanket ban on registered sex offenders was narrowly tailored and left open access alternatives.

Convicted sex predator committed for writing fantasies about children

Washington state man’s civil commitment as a sexually violent predator in part for his writings did not violate his First Amendment rights, a state appeals court has ruled.

N.H. high court: Sex offender can’t attend church

CONCORD, N.H. — The New Hampshire Supreme Court has denied a sex offender’s request that he be allowed to attend church with a chaperone.
Jonathan Perfetto of Manchester was convicted of possessing child pornography and released from prison in 2008. Though a court ordered him to have no contact with children, he had asked to attend [...]

Public, courts lose when sex offender wins right to hide identity

The decision in John Doe v. Town of Plainfield calls to mind Abraham Lincoln’s description of an argument made by Stephen A. Douglas: “a specious and fantastical arrangement of words by which a man can prove a horse-chestnut to be a chestnut horse.”
The issue in Doe was whether the plaintiff could proceed anonymously in his [...]

High court takes low number of First Amendment cases

The Supreme Court opens its fall term on Monday, Oct. 7, with the fewest First Amendment cases on its docket in recent memory.
Only two cases among the three dozen or so the Court has already agreed to consider — Eldred v. Ashcroft and Virginia v. Black — directly deal with the First Amendment. A handful [...]

Government shouldn’t have right to mandate content of news

(Editor's note: Copyright 2001, The News Leader. Reprinted by permission. This is the first in a series of occasional “Other Voices” — guest commentaries from newspapers on various First Amendment issues.)
A battle between a weekly newspaper and the state government provides a compelling illustration of how easy it is for cracks to appear in the [...]