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Restrictions on paparazzi take toll on First Amendment

It’s open season on paparazzi in celebrity-laden states as legislatures gear up to protect the rich and famous. Most recently, the Hawaii legislature was so grateful that Steven Tyler purchased a home on Maui that they named an anti-paparazzi bill after him

Calif. anti-paparazzi charges dismissed

Judge rules that the state can curb unsafe driving by photographers chasing celebrities most effectively through traffic laws, not by targeting free-press rights protected by the First Amendment.

Traffic laws best way to curb reckless paparazzi

In striving to carve out protection for celebrities, lawmakers can sometimes overlook the impact on those who don’t get cameras pointed their way.

California law aims to discourage paparazzi

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Paparazzi who commit assault in pursuit of celebrity
photographs could be hit with hefty civil penalties in California under a new
The law will allow victims of paparazzi assaults to file lawsuits seeking up
to three times the damages they suffered. The plaintiffs could also ask for
punitive damages and a court order requiring the photographer [...]