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Indianapolis’ mayor to propose panhandling ban

Indianapolis’ mayor wants to ban panhandling in the city’s busiest downtown area following long-running complaints from convention officials and city boosters about people begging for money along downtown streets.

Calif. judge: Much of town’s panhandling ban is unconstitutional

Arcata can’t bar non-aggressive begging within 20 feet of stores, intersections and parking lots but can near unenclosed ATMs and on public transit vehicles.

Mich. panhandling law struck down

Federal judge: ‘Begging plainly conveys a message: it communicates, whether verbally or non-verbally.’

Federal judge puts halt to Utah’s panhandling law

Court sides with homeless plaintiffs who argued that the ban violated their free-speech rights, ordering state to stop enforcing the statute.

Don’t cuss while begging in the French Quarter

Ordinance cracks down on what New Orleans councilwoman calls ‘organized aggressive solicitation’ in famous tourist district.

Ariz. court strikes down Phoenix panhandling law

Barring all vocal begging at night violates the First Amendment, state appeals court rules.

Despite rulings, street performers may face restrictions

Although the Supreme Court ruled in Barnes v. Glen Theatre, Inc. (1991) that live entertainment is speech protected by the First Amendment, street performers around the country sometimes find that local authorities don’t consider them entertainers.
Instead, local governments may place street musicians and other street performers in other categories that can be restricted, such as [...]

Federal judge grants class-action status to N.Y. panhandlers

NEW YORK — In the 15 years since a state anti-begging law was declared unconstitutional, authorities have continued to use the law to arrest thousands of people, attorneys say.
The law has been used in 3,000 to 4,000 improper arrests and thousands more summonses issued in New York City, according to Matthew D. Brinckerhoff, a plaintiffs' [...]

Minneapolis cracks down on aggressive panhandling

MINNEAPOLIS — By a vote of 9-3, the Minneapolis City Council approved a plan to get tougher on aggressive panhandlers.
The council approved an ordinance that bans verbal requests for money within 10 feet of crosswalks, convenience and liquor stores. Panhandlers also are banned from asking for money within 50 feet of entrances and exits to [...]

Homeless N.Y. man beats begging rap by invoking free speech

NEW ROCHELLE, N.Y. — A homeless man who argued that begging is a form of free speech — after he was arrested for asking a policeman for a dollar — has won his case.
By invoking a 15-year-old federal court decision that said New York's loitering law violated First Amendment protections, 36-year-old Eric Hoffstead got New [...]

Top N.Y. court rejects challenge to city’s panhandling law

ALBANY, N.Y. — A city can fine aggressive panhandlers to keep them away from motorists, New York's top court ruled yesterday.
The Court of Appeals decided that Rochester's law was “narrowly tailored” to avoid any violation of constitutional free-speech rights.
The statute “does not attempt to silence one particular message; it does not frown on any particular [...]

Atlanta lawmakers approve begging ban

Editor’s note: Mayor Shirley Franklin signed the panhandling ban on Aug. 22.
ATLANTA — Atlanta’s mayor is expected to sign legislation to ban begging near the city’s tourist attractions, despite protests from civil rights groups and advocates for the poor.
The ordinance, approved by city council members 12-3 on Aug. 15, makes it illegal to ask strangers [...]

Police chief wants panhandlers to get license to beg

MINNEAPOLIS — Panhandlers on Minneapolis' busy street corners may soon carry more than the cardboard signs that spell our their pleas for money. If the police chief has his way, they'll have photo IDs hanging around their necks.
Chief William McManus wants to license panhandlers, saying it would make it easier for officers to manage aggressive [...]

N.M. city revamps panhandling ban

ALBUQUERQUE — City councilors have approved an ordinance against panhandling that they hope will answer concerns raised by the American Civil Liberties Union about an earlier ordinance and end the group’s lawsuit against it.
The ordinance approved 7-2 May 3 drops the most contentious part of the previous anti-panhandling ordinance — a ban on begging downtown [...]

N.M. judge puts panhandling ban on hold

ALBUQUERQUE — A state district judge has barred the city from enforcing its panhandling ban after the American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit alleging the law is unconstitutional.
The panhandling restrictions were to take effect next week, but Judge William Lang granted a temporary restraining order on Jan. 16 after hearing arguments from the city [...]

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