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Ariz. court strikes down Phoenix panhandling law

Barring all vocal begging at night violates the First Amendment, state appeals court rules.

Despite rulings, street performers may face restrictions

Although the Supreme Court ruled in Barnes v. Glen Theatre, Inc. (1991) that live entertainment is speech protected by the First Amendment, street performers around the country sometimes find that local authorities don’t consider them entertainers.
Instead, local governments may place street musicians and other street performers in other categories that can be restricted, such as [...]

Indianapolis panhandling ordinance found constitutional

An Indianapolis ordinance that limits street begging and bans “aggressive panhandling” does not violate the First Amendment, a federal appeals court panel has ruled.
In June 1999, the city amended its panhandling ordinance to prohibit
nighttime panhandling, “aggressive panhandling” and panhandling in certain
locations, such as near ATMs.
The ordinance defines “aggressive panhandling” as “touching the
solicited person without [...]