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Rosaries, gangs and the battle over religious symbols in schools

Nobody wants gangs roaming schools, but sweeping bans on students’ religious symbols are wrong unless there’s strong evidence that wearing one would very likely cause serious disruption.

2 reports add to more complex picture of Muslim Americans

This week, about 40 Muslims rallied in support of NYPD’s surveillance efforts and survey was released that finds 74% growth in Muslim congregations since 2000.

Judge blames atheist for Muslim’s attack

Jonathan Turley reports on a Pennsylvania case involving an atheist who dressed as a “zombie Muhammad” and was confronted by a Muslim; the judge ridiculed the atheist in dismissing his case alleging harassment.

Blog reports on ‘What is the Truth about Islam?’ panel

Allison Goldstein of Sixth & I Synagogue in Washington attends program in which speakers answer questions from the public about Muslims, radical Islamists, Shariah law and related topics.

What is the truth about Islam and Muslims in America?

Today’s 7:30 p.m. EST program at Newseum will explore ‘everything you always wanted to know — but were afraid to ask’ about anti-mosque protests, anti-Sharia legislation, more. This program will be webcast live.

Religion story of the year: anti-Muslim bigotry in America

Lowe’s Home Improvement’s cave-in to anti-Muslim prejudice may prove to be exactly what was needed to wake Americans up to the very real dangers of Islamophobia in our country.

Federal magistrate recommends upholding jail’s ban on head coverings

Tennessee jail officials’ policies further safety and security interests, judge says in case involving Muslim inmate.

9/11 attacks changed much, but not everything

Vanderbilt professors trade views on lingering effects on First Amendment freedoms and American society. Also:

Islamophobia plays into al-Qaida’s hands

Ten years after 9/11, if anti-Muslim forces in America continue to chip away at religious liberty, then Osama bin Laden will achieve in death what he failed to accomplish in life.

Shariah law sparks lively debate

Panel and audience at First Amendment Center exchange views — sometimes heatedly — about controversial question.

Juan Williams’ book assesses free speech, media in U.S.

Book review: Former NPR analyst attacks ‘the ongoing assault against honest debate in America.’

Will Islamic law enter U.S. legal system?

News release Aug. 22 discussion at First Amendment Center will explore legislative measures to bar judges from considering Shariah law in legal decisions.

Dutch court acquits anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders

Right-wing politician who said there was no such thing as “moderate Islam” found not guilty of charges of inciting hatred and discrimination against Muslims, The New York Times reports.

9th Circuit blocks judge from unsealing ruling on FBI files

Three-judge panel says lower court must first redact information government says could compromise national security.

9th Circuit blocks judge from unsealing ruling on FBI files

PASADENA, Calif. — A federal appeals court has blocked a judge from unsealing his ruling in a dispute over FBI records without first redacting information the government says could compromise national security.
The case involves several Muslim groups and activists who claim they have been unfairly spied on and questioned by the FBI. Nearly five years [...]

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