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Mo. high court upholds part of e-mail harassment conviction

Man who sent threatening, offensive messages to alderwoman and others fails to persuade court that they amounted to political speech.

Mo. jail withholds detainee’s newspaper; he sues

Sheriff ends distribution of local newspapers after inmate’s letter to the editor appears in weekly to which he subscribed.

Judge orders Mo. town to license adult store

Town’s efforts to stop Pure Pleasure Boutique included citations, fines and refusing to hook up water and sewer lines.

Mo. man receives $7,000 after arrest for flag desecration

Federal judge assesses compensatory damages for man jailed seven hours for shredding a U.S. flag in 2009.

Mo. company wins temporary reprieve from contraception mandate

Federal judge had dismissed O’Brien Industrial Holdings’ lawsuit, but 8th Circuit halts enforcement of mandate while company appeals.

8th Circuit upholds Mo. city’s outdoor-smoking ban

Man claimed Clayton’s ordinance violated the First Amendment by giving the city manager discretion to decide whether to allow smoking during community events and festivals.

Civility efforts seek better behavior on college campuses

First Amendment advocates, however, have challenged some campus campaigns out of concern that such programs muzzle unpopular speech in the name of tolerance and diversity.

Full 8th Circuit: Mo. town can limit funeral protests

Manchester’s ordinance ‘survives First Amendment scrutiny because it serves a significant government interest,’ judge writes for court.

Court won’t block Mo. law against disturbing worship services

Opponents say federal judge’s refusal to grant preliminary injunction won’t stop them from pressing on to overturn the statute.

Federal court dismisses challenge to contraception mandate

Judge rejects St. Louis business owner’s claim that requiring workplace health plans to cover birth control ‘constitutes a substantial burden on [his] religious exercise.’

KKK group wins bid to leaflet in Mo. city

Federal judge grants preliminary injunction in lawsuit challenging Cape Girardeau’s ban on leafleting unoccupied vehicles.

Mo. lawmakers override veto of birth-control bill

New law, which allows religious exemptions from insurance coverage of birth control, appears to be the first in the nation directly rebutting the federal contraception mandate.

ACLU challenges Mo. law against disturbing worship services

Lawsuit claims the statute set to take effect next week is illegally vague and will infringe on free-speech rights guaranteed by the U.S. and state constitutions.

8th Circuit invalidates St. Louis sign ordinance

Court: People don’t get fair notice of what is prohibited by ordinance and it chills protected speech.

Mo. voters to decide on religious-freedom amendment

Measure addresses prayer in public and states that students cannot be compelled to participate in school assignments or educational presentations that violate their religion.

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