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Misfire: Gun-permit controversy leads to flawed legislation

Maryland legislator’s bill to prohibit newspapers from publishing information about firearm owners is a baffling backlash against a New York paper’s release of such public records.

Firefighters must show ‘good judgment’ on social media

Baltimore Sun reports that department’s strict new rules have drawn criticism that they may violate the First Amendment.

Attorney loses bid to keep profane license plate

Maryland Administrative Law Judge Marleen B. Miller backs state’s recall of tag, saying ‘MIERDA’ plate might offend others.

4th Circuit strikes down Md. abortion-sign laws

Three-judge panel says disclaimers that Baltimore, Montgomery County ordinances required posted by anti-abortion pregnancy centers amount to impermissible government control of speech.

Md. man loses bid to argue literary defense to child-porn charges

Relying on appellate decisions that defendant’s motivation isn’t viable defense in such cases, federal judge says Charles Johnson can’t claim he accessed material for research and writing purposes.

Justice Dept.: Individuals have right to record police activity reports on content of ‘surprising’ letter sent by federal agency to Baltimore Police Department.

First Amendment advocate fights to keep vanity plate

Maryland agency told attorney John T. Mitchell that his personalized tag with Spanish word for excrement shouldn’t have been issued in 2009.

High court won’t hear appeal over ministerial exception

Justices refuse to allow Mary Linklater’s claim of retaliation — which she says occurred after she complained of alleged sexual harassment — to proceed.

Md. governor signs bill legalizing gay marriage

‘Religious freedom was the very reason for our state’s founding and at the heart of religious freedom is the freedom of individual conscience,’ Martin O’Malley said.

Baltimore police: Public can record officers

Release of policy came Feb. 10, just ahead of today’s court hearing on whether to dismiss a federal lawsuit brought by man who recorded confrontation at 2010 Preakness.

200 arrested at Occupy Los Angeles, 50 in Philly

Police move in on Occupy Wall Street encampments under darkness in an effort to clear out some of the longest-lasting protest sites.

Justices struggle with funeral-protest case

Audio of oral arguments
of oral arguments

WASHINGTON — Supreme Court justices today pondered the vexing question of whether the father of a dead Marine should win his lawsuit against a Kansas church that picketed his son's funeral.
The complexity and weightiness of the First Amendment issue were palpable in the courtroom as justices heard arguments in [...]

Federal judge OKs size limit for political signs

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A Baltimore County ordinance prohibiting political signs larger than 8 square feet does not violate the First Amendment, a federal judge has ruled.
Stephen V. Kolbe had challenged the constitutionally of the ordinance after being told that he needed to remove a 32-square-foot sign that he placed on his yard last May supporting Maryland gubernatorial [...]

Mayor entitled to immunity after man ejected from meeting

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The mayor of Cumberland, Md., is entitled to qualified immunity from a suit filed by a man who alleged he was tossed out of a city hall meeting in 2006 on the mayor’s orders, a federal judge has ruled.
William A. Taccino contended that Mayor Lee Fiedler had him ejected from the building by [...]

Md. high court: Fortunetelling is protected speech

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — Fortunetelling for a fee is protected free speech, Maryland's highest court ruled yesterday.
The Maryland Court of Appeals reversed a Montgomery County court decision that had supported an ordinance banning fortune-telling for money.
Judge Clayton Greene Jr., who wrote the court's opinion, concluded that while fortunetellers may sometimes deceive their customers, it's not up [...]

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