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Legislature OKs measure mitigating libel lawsuits

The Texas Legislature has approved a bill allowing publishers to mitigate libel lawsuits if the party affected by a mistake doesn’t request a correction or retraction.

House OKs measure mitigating defamation lawsuits

The Texas House has passed a bill allowing publishers to mitigate the effects of libel lawsuits if the party affected by a mistake doesn’t request a correction or retraction.

Parents sue radio station, others over son’s photo

A Nashville family is suing a media company and two others in federal court in Tennessee after they say a Tampa radio show posted an altered photograph of their son with Down syndrome on its website.

Judge dismisses libel case against Tenn. senator

A judge in northeast Tennessee is dismissing a $750,000 libel lawsuit against state Republican Sen. Stacey Campfield for publishing false information online about a Democratic candidate for the state House in 2008.

Court tosses Trump U’s defamation claims

A federal appeals court on Wednesday breathed new life into a lawsuit alleging that Donald Trump’s university engages in deceptive business practices.

When NYT v. Sullivan was in Jeopardy: New Article Reveals Burger Court’s Internal Assault on Landmark Case

In First Amendment law the U.S. Supreme Court case, New York Times v. Sullivan (1964) is uniformly considered bedrock—the foundational First Amendment case of modern times. What many do not know is how very close the Burger Court came to cracking the Sullivan bedrock principle of “uninhibited, robust, and wide-open” freedom of expression.

Iowa high court extends libel protection to online publishers

But justices refuse to give those rights to individual social-media users, saying the victims of cyberbullying and online smear campaigns should be able to sue more easily.

Va. high court: Woman doesn’t have to remove online reviews

ACLU official says home contractor’s libel lawsuit against Jane Perez will go forward, but ‘the court cannot suppress her speech in the meantime.’

Laid-off employee sues ABC News over ‘pink slime’

Man who worked for Beef Products Inc. also sues celebrity chef Jamie Oliver and a food blogger, saying off-putting label caused company to close plants.

Va. woman told to remove online-review accusations

Home contractor is suing Jane Perez for defamation, claiming reviews are false and cost him $300,000 in business.

ABC News asks judge to toss ‘pink slime’ libel suit

Lawyers argue that news organization didn’t knowingly disparage meat processor or its lean, finely textured beef.

Ala. appeals court dismisses suit against TV stations

Man had claimed two Huntsville broadcasters defamed him by reporting that he was wanted by police in connection with a shooting but not reporting when he was no longer a suspect.

Virtual reviews can carry real-world risks

Minn. high court is weighing whether neurologist’s defamation suit against patient’s son should go to trial.

‘Pink slime’ libel suit an uphill climb, legal experts say

But lawyer for Beef Products Inc. says company will prevail on claims ABC News damaged it by misleading consumers into believing its lean, finely textured beef is unhealthy and unsafe.

Minn. appeals court overturns $60K award against blogger

Although post led to a man’s firing, judges find John Hoff can’t be held liable if the information was true.

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