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In Vt. GMO labeling won’t pass this year

With time ticking down in this year’s Vermont Legislative session, it’s becoming clear that lawmakers won’t pass a bill requiring labels on genetically modified food before wrapping up their work for 2013.

Dirty Bastard beer ban defies logic

Alabama alcohol board’s decision flies in the face of common sense and free-speech precedent.

Ala. prohibits Dirty Bastard beer

Brand banned over profanity on label, Alcoholic Beverage Control Board announces.

Cigarette makers have freedom not to speak

Federal judge’s ruling that government can’t mandate use of unsettling images on cigarette packages underscores the principle that free speech includes the right not to say anything at all.

Tobacco firms smoking mad about graphic labels

Cigarette manufacturers, suing to invalidate FDA rules requiring grisly images on large portions of packages, raise First Amendment considerations.

Mich. allows sale of Raging Bitch beer

In a turnabout, Flying Dog Brewery receives approval from state’s Liquor Control Commission to promote and sell popular India pale ale.

6th Circuit: Parts of Ohio milk-labeling rule violate free speech

CINCINNATI — Dairy processors can make claims that their products are free of a synthetic growth hormone, a federal appeals court ruled yesterday in striking down parts of the state’s rule on milk labeling.
Key parts of the state’s labeling rule violated First Amendment rights to commercial free speech, a three-judge panel of 6th U.S. Circuit [...]

Ben & Jerry’s fights efforts to ban ‘hormone-free’ dairy labeling

MONTPELIER, Vt. — Ben & Jerry’s Homemade Inc., one of the first companies to label its ice cream as free of a synthetic hormone, is protesting a move by some states to restrict such labeling.
The South Burlington ice cream maker has joined a national campaign to block what critics say is an effort driven by [...]

Pa. officials rescind ban on ‘hormone-free’ milk labels

HARRISBURG, Pa. — Pennsylvania officials last week reversed a ban that would have prevented dairies from labeling milk as free from artificial growth hormones.
The decision, announced Jan. 17, was a victory for producers and marketers who said customers wanted to be able to choose milk that comes from cows that have not been treated with [...]

Atkins diet protected by First Amendment, judge rules

NEW YORK — The Atkins diet is protected by the First Amendment against the claims of a Florida man who said the low-carbohydrate meal plan was dangerous and to blame for his heart troubles, a federal judge ruled yesterday.
U.S. District Judge Denny Chin made the finding as he tossed a lawsuit in which Jody Gorran, [...]

Justices decline to hear Calif. wine-labeling case

BERKELEY, Calif. — California’s law requiring that wine with “Napa” on the label be made from Napa grapes has scored again in court.
The U.S. Supreme Court yesterday declined to hear an appeal from Bronco Wine Co. in its long-running legal challenge to the law.
Bronco, based in Central California, is best known as the maker of [...]

California appeals court upholds wine-labeling law

BERKELEY, Calif. — The California Court of Appeal last week upheld a state law requiring that wine with “Napa” on its label be made mostly from Napa grapes.
“Napa vintners are extremely happy that the brand name that has taken so much hard work and passion to build up over 150 years can now be protected [...]

Alcohol ads touting health benefits must also warn of risks, government says

WASHINGTON — Companies that want to advertise a health benefit associated with drinking beer, wine or liquor would also have to warn about alcohol’s health risks under new government rules.
The Treasury Department’s Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, which announced the regulations on Feb. 28, said it was trying to balance free-speech rights with [...]

Vermont moves ahead with mercury-labeling law

MONTPELIER, Vt. — The state of Vermont is going forward with plans to implement a state law requiring the labeling of electrical products that contain mercury.
The move comes in the wake of a decision Feb. 26 by a U.S. Supreme Court justice not to block a decision by the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals [...]

Internet companies endorse voluntary rating, filtering system

WASHINGTON — The top three Internet companies started encouraging other firms today to adopt a system that will allow parents to restrict access to Web sites they find objectionable. The companies hope the system will ward off the threat of government regulation.
Currently, a parent who wishes to block Web sites from a computer must use [...]

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