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Dirty Bastard beer ban defies logic

Alabama alcohol board’s decision flies in the face of common sense and free-speech precedent.

Cigarette makers have freedom not to speak

Federal judge’s ruling that government can’t mandate use of unsettling images on cigarette packages underscores the principle that free speech includes the right not to say anything at all.

Tobacco firms smoking mad about graphic labels

Cigarette manufacturers, suing to invalidate FDA rules requiring grisly images on large portions of packages, raise First Amendment considerations.

Pa. officials rescind ban on ‘hormone-free’ milk labels

HARRISBURG, Pa. — Pennsylvania officials last week reversed a ban that would have prevented dairies from labeling milk as free from artificial growth hormones.
The decision, announced Jan. 17, was a victory for producers and marketers who said customers wanted to be able to choose milk that comes from cows that have not been treated with [...]

Maryland woman claims record company mislabeled ‘clean version’ CD

A Maryland woman is suing Atlantic Records, claiming the company engaged in “deceptive and misleading practices” under the state's Consumer Protection Act by failing to place a parental advisory sticker on a rap CD.
The suit comes as Congress considers legislation to punish entertainment companies that market adult-oriented material to minors for violating federal regulations against [...]

Music censorship: the beating goes on

NEW YORK — The music industry’s self-regulation of lyrics through parental warning labels is drawing a not-so-fine line between black and white, an expert on music censorship says.
Most of today’s CDs that carry the Parental Advisory label are from African-American rap and hip-hop artists, author Eric Nuzum said during a lecture on music censorship at [...]

COPA commission expresses concern with Net filtering systems

In its recently released
report, the Commission on
Online Child Protection identified “First Amendment concerns” with several
technologies that aim to protect children from harmful material on the
The panel’s report examined the First Amendment impact of filtering
software, labeling and rating systems, top-level domain name zoning schemes,
age-verification systems and other technologies. The panel also rated each
technology with respect to [...]

N.J. state senators target ‘explicit lyrics’

Two New Jersey state senators have taken aim at explicit music lyrics
by introducing in the Legislature a bill to require parental advisory warning
The measure, introduced Sept. 25 by Republican state Sens. Gerald
Cardinale and Diane Allen, would prohibit the sale of “any phonograph record,
magnetic tape or compact disc” that contains lyrics which “explicitly describe,
advocate or [...]