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High court may clear up lingering confusion about cross-burning

The Supreme Court may have thought it said all that needed to be said about cross-burning 10 years ago.
That is when, in the case R.A.V. v. City of St. Paul, the court struck down an ordinance that prohibited cross-burning when it was intended to cause resentment or alarm “on the basis of race, color, [...]

Civil rights made news, and vice versa

Television news thrives on startling and arresting images — and by capturing
the turmoil of the 1960s, TV helped the civil rights movement thrive, author and
journalist David Halberstam said at the First Amendment Center in New York on
May 29.
“There was a lot of control of the press in the Deep South. What changed it
was the coming [...]

Roundup: CBS News chief details erroneous Florida election calls

CBS News' chief says the networks' mistaken early calls Election Night that Al Gore — and later George W. Bush — had won Florida were due in part to flawed exit polls in the Tampa area and a “significant computer error” in Volusia County's election agency. CBS News President Andrew Heyward said in a letter [...]

Roundup: Police targeted media during L.A. protests, ACLU alleges

The American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California filed a
federal lawsuit Aug. 21 charging that Los Angeles police targeted members of
the media in their attempts to control demonstrators outside the
Democratic National Convention
earlier this month. All of the incidents referenced in the lawsuit revolve
around police actions to disperse a crowd of several thousand people who
gathered for [...]