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FTC: Skechers deceived consumers with shoe ads

Government says company’s claims that fitness models would help them lose weight and tone up were unfounded; orders $40 million paid in compensation.

Infomercial pitchman loses appeal of huge fine

Reuters reports that Kevin Trudeau will have to pay $37.6 million for violating FTC settlement over his TV ads selling supposed cures for AIDS and other ills.

Tony the Tiger, Toucan Sam can stay on cereal boxes

Allowing the icons to remain is one of the concessions government officials say they are likely to make as they work to persuade companies to curb junk-food marketing to kids.

Feds seek to shut down fake news sites featuring acai diet

FTC lawsuits claim websites violate federal law by using logos of major news outlets to mislead consumers into thinking they’re reading real news reports.

Press advocates pan FTC’s suggestions to aid journalism

The Federal Trade Commission’s recent release of draft proposals to help save the floundering journalism profession hasn’t made many people happy.
The 47-page document, “Potential Policy Recommendations to Support the Reinvention of Journalism,” lays out a number of suggestions to help aid the struggling newspaper business, which, it says, is “moving through a significant transition in [...]

7th Circuit throws out infomercial pitchman’s jail sentence

CHICAGO — A federal appeals court says infomercial pitchman and author Kevin Trudeau won’t have to serve a 30-day jail sentence for getting his supporters to flood a federal judge’s computer with e-mails.
The 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, ruling in FTC v. Trudeau, threw out Trudeau’s contempt of court conviction yesterday. The three-judge panel [...]

Senators worry about users’ privacy as Facebook expands

SAN FRANCISCO — Facebook's plan to spread its online social network to other Web sites could be detoured by regulators looking into privacy concerns that have raised the ire of federal lawmakers.
Four senators said this week that Facebook needs to make it easier for its 400 million users to protect their privacy as the site [...]

7th Circuit stays jail sentence for infomercial pitchman

CHICAGO — An appeals court issued a last-minute order yesterday staying author and infomercial pitchman Kevin Trudeau’s 30-day jail sentence for unleashing a flood of e-mails that locked up a federal judge’s computer and his BlackBerry.
The word from the appeals court came only minutes before Trudeau had expected to be taken into custody to start [...]

Report: Entertainment industry still markets violence to children

NEW YORK — The video-game industry is doing a better job at keeping young kids away from violent and other inappropriate content than the music and movie businesses, according to a new report by the Federal Trade Commission.
But all three industries could improve self-regulation, especially when it comes to new technologies such as mobile games [...]

FTC workshop explores future of journalism

WASHINGTON — Media companies need to deliver compelling information on a variety of electronic devices and overcome readers’ resistance to paying for material online, news executives said yesterday at a government-sponsored journalism conference.
Rupert Murdoch, News Corp.’s chairman and chief executive, sees a promising future for publishers that can adapt to the Internet age. Key to [...]

Congressman drafting new rules for Web sites, advertisers

WASHINGTON — The Web sites we visit, the online links we click, the search queries we conduct, the products we put in virtual shopping carts, the personal details we reveal on social networking pages — all of this can give companies insight into what Internet ads we might be interested in seeing.
But privacy watchdogs warn [...]

FTC to muzzle ‘robocalls’ further

Americans tired of having their dinners interrupted by phone calls touting car warranties or vacation packages will soon get some relief.
The Federal Trade Commission said yesterday it was banning many types of pre-recorded telemarketing solicitations, known as robo-calls. Currently, consumers must specifically join a do-not-call list to avoid them. Starting Sept. 1, telemarketers will first [...]

Whose 5 stars? Online ‘user’ reviews get scrutiny

NEW YORK — The Web site said an herbal remedy could cure cancer and offered miraculous firsthand accounts. One woman offered to “share my experience”: The formula had routed her lymphoma, sparing her radiation treatment, she said.
What she didn't mention is that she also owned the company selling the product she praised online, authorities said.
A [...]

N.Y. official: Face-lift firm posted bogus online reviews

NEW YORK — The online journal gave a chatty account of a problem-free face-lift. “You will never regret it,” the patient wrote.
But the seemingly satisfied customer actually was an employee of the firm behind the Lifestyle Lift, writing as part of a company campaign to plant plugs for the procedure online, state Attorney General Andrew [...]

FTC warns against bogus cancer cures

WASHINGTON — The Federal Trade Commission charged five companies with making false and misleading claims for cancer cures and said Sept. 18 that it had reached settlements with six others.
“As long as products have been sold there has been somebody out there selling snake oil to consumers,” said Lydia Parnes, director of the FTC's bureau [...]

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