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Infomercial pitchman loses appeal of huge fine

Reuters reports that Kevin Trudeau will have to pay $37.6 million for violating FTC settlement over his TV ads selling supposed cures for AIDS and other ills.

Press advocates pan FTC’s suggestions to aid journalism

The Federal Trade Commission’s recent release of draft proposals to help save the floundering journalism profession hasn’t made many people happy.
The 47-page document, “Potential Policy Recommendations to Support the Reinvention of Journalism,” lays out a number of suggestions to help aid the struggling newspaper business, which, it says, is “moving through a significant transition in [...]

FTC media-violence report acknowledges First Amendment

WASHINGTON — The Federal Trade Commission recently did something rare if not unprecedented for a regulatory agency: It decided not to regulate because of First Amendment concerns.
The commission’s decision to step back where other agencies rush ahead came on the subject of violence in the media. In a little-noticed report issued April 12, the FTC [...]

Video-game ratings: a tool or a weapon?

Never does the ponderous machinery of government and commerce rev up so quickly as when the republic is threatened by, uh, sex.
The sex this time is in a video game, the San Andreas version of Grand Theft Auto, the world’s most popular game series and long criticized for its violent content. Earlier this month, discovery [...]

Those who’d ‘shut up’ Fox News ignore press freedom

Outside the midtown studios of the Fox News Channel on the second night of the Republican Convention in New York, more than 1,000 indignant protesters engaged in a “shut-up-athon.” Shouting “Fox lies, people die,” they charged the cable network with being “a mouthpiece for the Republicans.”
I encounter less volatile versions of this groupthink when friends [...]


Telemarketing presents a classic clash between privacy and freedom of speech. Many residents believe telemarketing calls invade their privacy. Some business owners counter that telemarketing is a lawful way to inform people about their services, and that regulations violate their First Amendment free-speech rights.
Federal and state legislators have passed numerous laws [...]

Muzzling advertisers won’t make parents more responsible

Sen. Joe Lieberman, I suspect, would like my parents.
I was 16 years old when “Animal House” debuted and, as only teenagers can, I relentlessly pushed my parents for permission to see it. “I know I'm supposed to be 17,” I said, “but all my friends are going. The people at the theater don't care. They [...]

Varied forces besiege free expression, but youth embraces it

Lee Tien

SAN FRANCISCO — Free expression is under siege — as
It was clear from the discussion yesterday on “The State of Free
Expression (at the real start of the
new millennium)” that new ways, some ingenious, some unintended, always
pop up to isolate, reduce, control or shut down free expression.
But some speakers also noted ways in which people, [...]

Lawmakers blast marketing efforts of entertainment industry

Sen. John McCain
WASHINGTON — Members of Congress sharply attacked the entertainment industry yesterday for allowing its quest for profits to overtake good corporate citizenship. The lawmakers accused the industry of singling out children in the marketing of products with violent content that the businesses themselves rate as adult-only.
At a five-hour hearing before the Senate Commerce [...]

Roundup: Nebraska Regents candidate challenges campaign-finance law

Nebraska's campaign-finance law has become subject to a lawsuit in the wake of the University of Nebraska Board of Regents race. Regents candidate Randy Ferlic discovered a loophole in the law and filed a $300,000 revised spending estimate Sept. 8. He claims the 1992 campaign-finance law, which calls for voluntary spending limits, is unconstitutional and [...]

FTC nearing release of report detailing marketing of violent material to youth

Senators attacking the entertainment industry for producing violent images in movies, music videos and video games are anxiously planning yet another hearing on media and violence, anticipating the September release of an investigative report from the Federal Trade Commission.
Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., a former presidential hopeful and frequent Hollywood critic, hopes to conduct a hearing [...]