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Mo. man receives $7,000 after arrest for flag desecration

Federal judge assesses compensatory damages for man jailed seven hours for shredding a U.S. flag in 2009.

Flag amendment raises symbol above liberty

Few political actions have more consequences than amending the U.S. Constitution, a document that has served us well for more than two centuries. Of all the constitutional amendments proposed in Congress only 27 have been ratified — and one of those, the prohibition amendment, was repealed by a subsequent amendment.
The Constitution was “intended to [...]

House approves flag amendment for 4th time in 6 years

Gregory Nojeim, ACLU
The House narrowly passed a constitutional amendment yesterday that would grant Congress the ability to craft flag-protection laws, marking the fourth time in six years the measure has cleared that chamber.
Amendment opponents were heartened by the 298-125 vote, noting that the tally dropped considerably from past votes. The measure cleared the floor with [...]

House panel backs flag amendment

With little fanfare or debate, the House Judiciary Committee yesterday approved the flag amendment, a measure designed to empower Congress to pass laws forbidding flag desecration.
The resolution, H.J.R.. 36, passed on a 15-11 vote and now goes to the full House. A vote is expected next week, marking the fourth time the House has considered [...]

State officials seldom give up on flag-desecration laws

Although more than a decade has passed since the U.S. Supreme Court deemed flag desecration a protected form of speech, most states keep flag-protection statutes on the books.
And some, on occasion, even continue to enforce them.
There's the infamous case of the Wisconsin teen-ager who defecated on a U.S. flag and was convicted for trespassing and [...]