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Much to-do about history for divided high court

Though sharply divided on whether legislative prayers in Greece, N.Y., are permissible, two Supreme Court justices agree that history factors into the constitutional calculus.

Dispelling the myth of a ‘Christian nation’

The Framers of our Constitution knew the time had come to break from the precedents of history and bar any religious group from ever imposing itself on the nation.

A right for the religious is a right for the nonreligious

Pushback from atheists on religious monuments, military chaplains and other issues is triggered by frequent lack of equal treatment for the nonreligious in a society that often privileges religion.

Legislative prayers, the Supreme Court’s self-created quagmire

When the U.S. Supreme Court declared legislative prayers constitutional 30 years ago, the justices sent a convoluted message to legislatures, city councils and other government bodies.

Texas school district appeals Bible banner ruling

A Southeast Texas school district is appealing a court ruling that allowed high school cheerleaders to display at football games banners emblazoned with Bible verses.

High court to weigh in on legislative prayers

The Supreme Court said Monday it will hear a new case on the intersection of religion and government in a dispute over prayers used to open public meetings.

Graduation prayer, fighting over a lost cause

School officials in Lake City, Arkansas have come up with a novel solution to the fight over prayer at graduation: No prayer, no graduation.

Judge rules for cheerleaders in Bible banner suit

A judge ruled Wednesday that cheerleaders at a Southeast Texas high school can display banners emblazoned with Bible verses at football games.

Ten Commandments controversy revisited

It’s been almost 10 years since the Rutherford County, Tennessee, lost a very expensive lawsuit over the posting of the Ten Commandments in the county Courthouse. Now, Rutherford County Sheriff Robert Arnold has posted the Ten Commandments in his department’s lobby, along with a copy of the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence.

Atheist group sues Rankin schools over prayer meet

A Mississippi high school forced students to attend on-campus programs where fellow students urged them to turn to Jesus for hope and eternal life, according to an atheist group that has sued.

Locker room prayers common in Utah public schools

Before they walk out onto the court, the boys’ basketball team huddles up together in the locker room. Away from the eyes of the public and even the coaches, one of the players begins to pray as his teammates close their eyes and bow their heads.

NC religion resolution won’t be heard by House

The North Carolina House’s top leader is blocking legislation that declares the state can make its own laws about religion, and the federal government and courts can’t block them.

Ore. city faces challenge to cross in city park

The city of Coos Bay is getting help from a Texas organization that fights for public religious displays as it decides how to respond to a challenge to a cross that’s part of a Vietnam War memorial in a public park.

Ground Zero Cross: A display is not a shrine

On March 28, a group of atheists in New York lost round one in their legal battle to keep the “Ground Zero Cross” out of the National September 11 Museum in lower Manhattan.

Ohio school: Jesus portrait has been taken down

A Jesus portrait that has hung in a southern Ohio school district since 1947 was taken down Wednesday, because of concerns about the potential costs of a federal lawsuit against its display.

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