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9th Circuit restores lawsuit from Oregon State paper

Judges say they have ‘little trouble’ finding constitutional violations on the part of university officials, who are accused of arbitrarily restricting a conservative-leaning student newspaper’s distribution.

Univ. of Memphis newspaper gets funds restored

University president says investigation found evidence that editorial content was discussed by the campus funding committee.

Fight over Univ. of Ga. newspaper appears to be resolved

The board ‘met all the key points we asked for,’ says former editor-in-chief, who was among the student workers who walked out last week over concern control of Red & Black was being taken from them.

Ga. college newspaper employees walk out in protest

After non-student is named editorial director with final say on content, a Red and Black editor says, ‘The students have lost control of the paper, and a student newspaper is supposed to be run by students.’

Ruling affirms Ill. campus free-press act

It’s good news for almost everyone as federal judge orders Chicago State University to reinstate adviser fired in dispute over stories that ran in the college newspaper.

Streaker isn’t college’s greatest embarrassment

East Carolina University officials cause damage to themselves, students and press freedom by firing college newspaper adviser.

High court won’t consider Va. alcohol-ad ban in college newspapers

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court is leaving in place a ban on alcohol advertising in Virginia's college newspapers.
The Court today turned away an appeal filed by the American Civil Liberties Union on behalf of the newspapers. The appeal argued that the ban is an unconstitutional restraint on speech.
The 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in [...]

At least in Ill., an antidote to college media censorship

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At least in Illinois, a legal case inimical to college press freedom appears to be dead.
In 2005, the full 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals stunned college media across the country when it decided in Hosty v. Carter that college administrators could, without violating the First Amendment, exercise editorial control over campus newspapers. [...]

UC-San Diego freezes campus-media funding after TV flap

SAN DIEGO — The University of California, San Diego has halted funding for student media after a TV show ridiculed black students who were outraged by a party mocking Black History Month.
The head of the school’s student government froze funding for campus media outlets last week after one, Koala TV, ran an episode on the [...]

Investigating Medill ‘Innocence Project’ could chill students’ reporting

A scene in the 1987 movie “The Untouchables” shows Sean Connery as a Chicago beat cop instructing federal agent Kevin Costner on how to play tough in the Windy City. Connery finishes his bare-knuckles-to-handguns lesson with this flourish: “… and that’s the Chicago Way!”
Northwestern University journalism students and their professor are getting a taste of [...]

Sex column deserves First Amendment protection

What is it about sex?
Ah, let me rephrase that now that I have your interest: What is it about sex and the First Amendment?
From censors who attack music — often under misimpressions about sexual content — to those who trumpet the virtues of “smaller, less-intrusive government” except when calling on it to enforce some personal [...]

Law professor objects to sex column in campus newspaper

HELENA, Mont. — A sex column in the University of Montana newspaper is under attack by a law professor who says the cloak of press freedom is being used to defend writing that is “embarrassingly unprofessional” and reflects poorly on the university and its faculty.
Assistant Professor Kristen Juras wants the Montana Kaimin to reconsider its [...]

Longtime student-media advocate still going strong

Although the First Amendment covers public high school and college journalists as well as their professional counterparts, the student press often faces censorship the professional press does not. When student media are suppressed, the Student Press Law Center tries to be an ally to those who are censored.
“Student journalism is inherently different (from professional journalism) [...]

Neb. university, student newspaper spar

Editor's note: The Associated Press reported later that Daily Nebraska Editor Brian Hernandez said he and University of Nebraska-Lincoln Chancellor Harvey Perlman were resolving their dispute. Hernandez said he and Perlman had reached an agreement in which the university would try to make administrators available to talk to student reporters, and that reporters would try [...]

Mich. Supreme Court nixes 2 campus-related FOI requests

LANSING, Mich. — The Michigan Supreme Court yesterday ruled in two Freedom of Information Act disputes affecting state universities and when personal information can become public. The “FOI side” lost in both decisions.
In one case, the court unanimously expanded what is exempt from public disclosure by redefining information “of a personal nature.”
The University of Michigan [...]

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