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Univ. of Calif. pays to settle seized photographer’s lawsuit

UC Berkeley police also will change procedures, undergo training as part of settlement with photographer arrested at violent protest in 2009.

‘Irvine 11’ disruption not an act of free-speech heroism

Students who shouted down Israeli ambassador had ample other opportunities to convey their messages of protest.

Opposing flag-burning with violence trashes freedom

Louisiana State University counter-protest turns ugly, thereby defacing what the American flag stands for.

Texas students get go-ahead for empty-holster protests

FORT WORTH, Texas — A federal judge ruled late last week that Tarrant County College students may wear empty gun holsters in public areas when they protest a ban of concealed weapons on campus this week.
However, they can't wear the holsters in the Fort Worth-area school's classrooms and hallways.
Clayton Smith and John Schwertz filed a [...]

Campus abolishes its free-speech zone

MACOMB, Ill. — Western Illinois University has abolished its policies regulating campus demonstrations after students and professors waged a silent protest against it.
University policy had required protesters to schedule public speeches and gatherings 48 hours in advance, and had restricted gatherings to an area outside the university union.
Establishing such a restrictive free-speech zone infringes on [...]