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Ruling affirms Ill. campus free-press act

It’s good news for almost everyone as federal judge orders Chicago State University to reinstate adviser fired in dispute over stories that ran in the college newspaper.

At least in Ill., an antidote to college media censorship

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At least in Illinois, a legal case inimical to college press freedom appears to be dead.
In 2005, the full 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals stunned college media across the country when it decided in Hosty v. Carter that college administrators could, without violating the First Amendment, exercise editorial control over campus newspapers. [...]

Police seize hundreds of photos from Va. campus newspaper

HARRISONBURG, Va. — Authorities have seized more than 900 photos from James Madison University's student-run newspaper that were taken earlier this month during a weekend block party marred by fights and the arrests of more than 30 people.
Katie Thisdell, editor-in-chief of The Breeze, says up to a dozen police officers led by Rockingham County's commonwealth's [...]

2 campus newspaper staffers charged with trespassing in dorm

Editor's note: The Associated Press reported Nov. 9 that student journalist Katie Hibson said she wouldn't appeal a ruling that she trespassed when she entered a dorm to interview students about a “Peeping Tom” incident. The ruling was issued Nov. 5 by James Madison University's Office of Judicial Affairs. The charges against Tim Chapman were [...]

Sex column deserves First Amendment protection

What is it about sex?
Ah, let me rephrase that now that I have your interest: What is it about sex and the First Amendment?
From censors who attack music — often under misimpressions about sexual content — to those who trumpet the virtues of “smaller, less-intrusive government” except when calling on it to enforce some personal [...]

Colleges take variety of approaches in overseeing student media

When the editor in chief of the Rocky Mountain Collegian wrote an editorial in September 2007 that directed the “F-word” at President Bush, he found himself at the center of a controversy. Colorado State University administrators then considered whether or not to punish J. David McSwane and the newspaper.
McSwane was charged with violating the Fort [...]

Banning liquor ads in college newspapers doesn’t work

There are moments when a courtroom win for free expression in America may not entirely seem like such a good thing to some Americans, for some distinctly non-First Amendment reasons.
I confess to a bit of dueling emotions myself about a recent victory for college newspapers in Virginia. A federal magistrate judge in Richmond tossed out [...]

How not to handle a college newspaper dispute

A fiscal fight at Montclair State University in New Jersey between student journalists and the student government has lessons for both sides.
The dispute came about because The Montclarion newspaper staff hired its own attorney to advise it on possible challenges to closed-door meetings of the Student Government Association. The association funds a portion of the newspaper’s [...]

A campus newspaper reaches out

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Far too often student journalism gets into the news as a newsmaker itself because of a negative situation — battling censorship by administrators and the like.
Better that student journalists be able to focus more on matters that improve, not just preserve, news coverage. At the University of South Dakota’s student paper, The Volante, [...]

10th Circuit tosses suit challenging Kan. State adviser’s ouster

MANHATTAN, Kan. — A federal appeals court has dismissed a lawsuit filed by two former Kansas State University journalism students over the removal of the campus newspaper’s adviser, saying the two do not have a First Amendment claim because they are no longer students at the university.
Ron Johnson was removed as director of student publications [...]

2nd Circuit reinstates N.Y. campus newspaper’s lawsuit

A college president violated the First Amendment when she cancelled a student government election because of information published in a school newspaper, the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled.
“We agree that, at a minimum, when a public university establishes a student media outlet and requires no initial restrictions on content, it may not [...]

College media advisers focus on teaching First Amendment

NASHVILLE — For today’s college media advisers, careful planning and creativity are essential for developing First Amendment awareness on their campuses — especially in light of last year’s State of the First Amendment survey results.
In 2006, 56% of Americans were able to name freedom of speech as one of the five rights guaranteed by the [...]

Calif. expands freedoms for college press

After almost unanimous confirmation in both the California State Assembly and Senate, a bill protecting the First Amendment rights of college journalists was signed into law by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Aug. 28. The bill will take effect on Jan. 1, 2007.
Authored by Speaker Pro Tem Leland Yee (D-San Francisco) and Assemblyman Joe Nation (D-Martin), [...]

Advisers get tips on protecting college press liberty

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Keeping up with current First Amendment issues is
essential for those advising college media — especially in light of recent court
The Supreme Court’s refusal earlier this year not to consider a lower court’s
ruling in the case of Hosty
v. Carter could have a major effect on college media, Student Press Law Center Executive Director [...]

High court won’t hear campus newspaper appeal

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court passed up a chance today to decide if college
administrators can censor campus newspapers.
Justices declined without comment to review an appeal in Hosty
v. Carter filed by former collegiate journalists at Governors State
University, a public college in Illinois.
The students sued after a dean blocked the paper's printing in 2000 until she
could review [...]

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