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Alito & First Amendment protection for sexual expression

Robert Corn-Revere
This article is part of an online symposium on the First Amendment Center Online concerning Judge Samuel Alito’s First Amendment jurisprudence.
Predicting how a new associate justice of the Supreme Court will vote in future cases is risky business, even under the best of circumstances. Where a nominee has previous judicial experience, as does Judge [...]

Cop-video ruling may hurt future speech cases

WASHINGTON — On the issue of free-speech rights for public employees, the Supreme Court is usually closely divided — torn between employees’ rights as citizens and government’s rights as employers.
But yesterday the Court was unanimous in deciding in City of San Diego v. Roe that a police officer with the pseudonym of “John Roe” deserved [...]

Secondary-effects doctrine

Government officials often target businesses that offer adult entertainment, believing that disrobing dancers or adult videos are offensive in nature. But, the U.S. Supreme Court has determined that the First Amendment protects much adult expression that is not obscene and does not involve children.
In other words, the First Amendment prohibits government regulators [...]

R.I. city can’t deny permit for gay strip club

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — A federal judge has ruled that a city board violated the U.S. Constitution by rejecting a businessman’s request for a license to open a gay strip club.
U.S. District Judge Ronald R. Lagueux said the Board of Licenses illegally turned down Alan Bogossian’s request to get various licenses to open “Brief Encounters” and [...]

High court to wade back into secondary-effects debate

Supreme Court: Federal officials can’t shield tribal documents
It seemed like déjà vu yesterday, as the Supreme Court agreed to consider yet another adult-entertainment case that will give it the chance to elaborate on the “secondary-effects” doctrine, which allows government to regulate expression because of the impact it might have on the surrounding community.
Last year, the [...]

Roundup: Tennessee court unseals documents in child-abuse case

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Nashville lost a battle Oct. 27 to keep
sealed its responses to the victims in a child abuse lawsuit involving one of
its former priests. Two boys and their mothers sued the diocese and the
Metropolitan Nashville government in January, alleging that church officials
knew former priest Edward McKeown was a pedophile, yet never [...]

Roundup: Federal judge orders Indiana church to surrender property

A federal judge has ordered an Indianapolis congregation to give up its church building to satisfy a nearly $6 million debt to the IRS. U.S. District Judge Sarah Evans Barker's order yesterday gives the Indianapolis Baptist Temple until Nov. 14 to move out, after which the IRS will sell the property. The church has been [...]

Federal appeals panel strikes down parts of Wisconsin city’s adult-business law


A provision in a Wisconsin city's adult-entertainment ordinance that bans sexually explicit dance movements violates the First Amendment, a federal appeals court panel has ruled.
In January 1998, the city of Cumberland passed an extensive ordinance that established a licensing and regulatory system for sexually oriented businesses. The city, which had a population of less than [...]

City’s licensing law for adult clubs is unconstitutional, federal appeals panel says

A Georgia city’s adult business ordinance violates the First Amendment
because it does not contain adequate procedural safeguards, a federal appeals
court panel has ruled.
In 1997, the city of Warner Robins passed a licensing law for adult
businesses, restricting the sale of alcohol at nude-dancing establishments.

Artistic Entertainment Inc., which operates a nude-dancing club called
Teasers, sued in state [...]

Federal appeals panel strikes down L.A. adult-business ordinance

A Los Angeles ordinance prohibiting “multiple use” adult businesses
violates the First Amendment, a federal appeals court panel has ruled.
In 1983, the city amended a zoning ordinance to prohibit more than one
adult-entertainment establishment from operating in the “same building,
structure or portion.”
The law specifically provided that an adult bookstore and adult arcade
in the same establishment [...]

Federal appeals panel reinstates part of swimsuit-club owner’s lawsuit

A federal appeals court panel recently reinstated part of a
businessman’s challenge to an Orange County, Fla., adult-entertainment law.

William Ward, owner of the now-closed “swimsuit club,” Bourbon Street
South, sued the county in federal court, claiming the ordinance violated First
Amendment free-expression rights. Swimsuit clubs — also known as juice
bars — serve no alcohol and feature female dancers [...]

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