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Iowa to issue ‘Choose Life’ license plates

State becomes the 29th to approve the specialty plate after transportation department determined the message didn’t violate content criteria.

Ban on Wyo. abortion protest ruled unconstitutional

State high court says temporary restraining order that blocked Operation Save America demonstration last year violated group’s First Amendment rights.

N.C. city to revise assembly rules to settle lawsuit

Anti-abortion protesters sued after Jacksonville police, citing safety concerns, refused to issue them a permit to picket outside a women’s clinic.

Federal court upholds Mass. abortion-clinic buffer zone

Judge says law, which creates 35-foot protest-free zones around clinic entrances and driveways, is a valid regulation of the time, place and manner of demonstrators’ speech.

Wash. state can’t make pharmacies sell Plan B

Federal judge says state’s true goal was to suppress religious objections by druggists who believe that emergency contraceptives can have an effect tantamount to abortion.

Top Republicans want vote on birth-control mandate

Sen. Mitch McConnell says he’ll push to overturn requirement because it is another example of government meddling.

Will contraception-rule change relieve religious conscience?

Accommodating religious belief should have been on the front end of White House interpretations of the health law, not an after-the-fact scramble in response to furious objections by Catholics.

Obama backs off contraception rule for religious employers

Workers at religious-affiliated hospitals and universities will still receive free birth-control insurance coverage under accommodation announced today.

White House hints at compromise on birth control

Assailed by Catholics and Republicans for rule requiring religious institutions to provide contraception coverage, Obama administration suggests it’s looking at ‘different ideas.’

Federal court upholds Texas sonogram law

Judge had previously struck down parts of the statute, but his latest ruling says he’s bound to follow the direction of the 5th Circuit in declaring the law constitutional.

Federal judge denies effort to block abortion protester

Justice Department had sought to keep Kenneth Scott from being able to stop cars and talk to drivers as they enter Denver’s Planned Parenthood center.

Texas can enforce abortion law, rules 5th Circuit

Statute requiring doctors to show sonograms to patients can be put into effect while opponents challenge the measure in court.

Wyo. group sues to display signs in Capitol tunnel

WyWatch Family Action claims state officials violated its rights by banning anti-abortion placards from a passageway connecting state buildings while allowing other groups to display

N.C. ‘Choose Life’ plates put on hold

Federal judge grants ACLU’s request for preliminary injunction; group argues that the tags violate First Amendment because there’s no specialty plate for supporters of abortion rights.

Federal court orders N.Y. to allow ‘Choose Life’ plates

Judge finds that state officials’ repeated refusal to issue custom license tags violated the Children First Foundation’s free-speech rights.

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