Souter’s free-expression case record

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tallies of written opinions
Total free-expression opinions: 34
Total free-expression majority opinions: 5
Total free-expression concurrences: 8
Total free-expression dissents: 17
Total free-expression concurring & dissenting in part opinions: 4
Total free-expression claims upheld: 15
Total free-expression claims denied: 19

In addition, Souter cast the deciding vote in 11 free-expression cases. Note: As of this date, Souter has not been assigned to author a majority opinion in a free-expression case during the Roberts Court era.

Pluses (+) indicate a vote by Souter to uphold a First Amendment claim; minuses
(-) show denial of a First Amendment claim.

Majority opinions (5)

Concurring opinions (8)

Concurring in part, dissenting in part opinions (4)

Dissenting opinions (17)

5-4 free-expression cases in which Souter cast the deciding vote (11)