Resources for Constitution Day

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Congress has set Sept. 17th of each year as a day to celebrate, study and discuss the United States Constitution, including the Bill of Rights.

The First Amendment Center and 1 for All — the national nonpartisan program designed to build understanding and support for First Amendment freedoms — in cooperation with the Newseum and with USA Today, have created materials that parents, teachers, students and others can use to learn more about the First Amendment, the first of 10 amendments that make up the Bill of Rights.

This year, Constitution Day falls on Monday.

The resources:

  • A First Amendment quiz that tests your knowledge of our core freedoms. This year marks the 221st anniversary of the ratification of the First Amendment and the Bill of Rights. These core principles drafted by James Madison set the United States apart from all other nations and serve as a cornerstone for democracy. USA Today and the First Amendment Center teamed up last year to create the Great First Amendment Quiz, an interactive exploration of our most fundamental freedoms.
  • A First Amendment timeline. This compilation shows the development of First Amendment freedoms and major court decisions that interpret how they function in our lives.