Report: WikiLeaks isn’t only target of Obama administration

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

NPR reports that a federal grand jury is to hear testimony today from witnesses in the WikiLeaks case. The news organization also reports that the WikiLeaks case “is part of a much broader campaign by the Obama administration to crack down on leakers.”

National-security experts told the news organization that they were concerned about the Justice Department’s stepped-up pursuit of criminal cases based on government leaks.

Steven Aftergood, a freedom of information expert and director of the Federation of American Scientists, told NPR that he has been following five separate leak cases, characterizing the prosecutions as part of a surge by the Obama administration against leaks. “For people who are concerned about freedom of the press, access to national security information, it’s a worrisome development,” Aftergood was quoted as saying.

“Leaks serve a very valuable function as a kind of safety valve,” he said. “They help us to get out the information that otherwise would be stuck.”

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