Religious holidays cases & resources

Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Religious holidays

Tips for planning religious holidays in public schools

Before planning a religious holiday activity in a public school, ask the
following questions:

  1. Is this activity designed in any way to either promote or inhibit religion?
  2. How does this activity serve the academic goals of the course, or the
    educational mission of the school?
  3. Will any student or parent be made to feel like an outsider, not a full
    member of the community, by this activity?
  4. If in December: Do we plan activities to teach about religious holidays at
    various times of the year or only in December?
  5. Are we prepared to teach about the religious meaning of this holiday in a
    way that enriches students’ understanding of history and cultures?

Resources for classroom teachers

Elementary-school teachers may wish to use books of
children’s literature containing stories about the religious holidays and
traditions of the world’s faiths.

Calendars of religious and ethnic holidays can be obtained from the following

National Conference for Community and

71 5th Ave.
New York, NY 10003

Educational Extension Systems
P.O. Box 259
Clarks Summit, PA