Press and Privacy series contents

Thursday, December 30, 1999

Part I: Emergence of privacy rights rattles media
Press advocates fear burgeoning belief in the ‘right to be left alone’ may severely curtail newsgathering efforts.

Part II: Press ‘excesses’ — of this century and last — prompt calls for privacy protection
Concept of the right to be left alone emerges after languishing in courtrooms and legislatures for nearly a century.

Part III: Press advocates worry that privacy will trump First Amendment rights
Journalists find themselves on losing end of more court cases in the wake of Princess Diana’s death and the computerization of government records.

Part IV: Debate brews over balancing test between privacy and press rights
Meanwhile, experts say journalists must reconsider how they do their jobs or risk further restrictions.


  • Summary of ‘The Right to Privacy’
  • The 4 torts of invasion of privacy
  • Timeline