Protests over the protests at clinics that perform abortions

Nothing about the national debate over abortion is simple — and that applies at times to even the words and manner we use in talking about it.

Ruling for rapper Rick Ross good for First Amendment

Court finds musician did not so much appropriate the name of the real former cocaine dealer Ricky D. Ross as engage in transformative artistic expression.

Civility: Let’s try that free-speech option in 2014 in public life

To reshape public debate in a more civil manner, truth, independence and transparency are a good place for a free press to start.

Speech Commentary | | December 20, 2013

Here are 3 ‘Duck Dynasty’ free-speech lessons

Phil Robertson’s adventures in free speech remind us that, as long as government doesn’t intervene, there’s no First Amendment issue.

When and why we need to hear 911 calls

There are strong First Amendment reasons for disclosure of 911 calls, including those recently released from last year’s school massacre in Newtown, Conn.

Don’t worry, Santa, the ‘war on Christmas’ isn’t real

Belief in Santa perpetuates a spirit of joy and goodwill. But the “war on Christmas” narrative does little more than stir up anger and ill will.

A victory for student speech, but will it be Pyrrhic?

All the 3rd Circuit needed to do was find that “I Love Boobies” bracelets were not plainly lewd or substantially disruptive to the school.

Federal appeals court issues significant ruling on student online speech

Decision upholding expulsion of a student who allegedly made online threats increases possibility that Supreme Court will tackle thorny questions of student online expression.

On Thanksgivukkah, give thanks for religious freedom

Both Hanukkah and Thanksgiving are rooted in the struggle for religious liberty, but neither marks a lasting triumph.

Reporting JFK’s death – 50 years of facts, conspiracy theories

Outside of the most rabid conspiracy circles, it’s fair to say we know a great deal about the assassination of President Kennedy thanks to a half-century of news and information brought to us unfettered by government censorship.

On college campuses, zoning out free speech

How freedom of speech is under assault on many American college and university campuses.

Featured PostPress | | October 7, 2013

Preview: First Amendment issues on Supreme Court docket

Six cases on its docket raise First Amendment issues, including high-profile disputes over campaign finance reform and church-state relations.

Speech Commentary | | October 5, 2013

Crass though it may be, this tweet is free speech

It’s not just athletes and celebrities that damage their careers with indiscreet tweets.