New report seeks common ground on religion, public life

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

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Where American public life and religion intersect — and how that takes place — are among the most contentious national discussions we have today.

An extraordinary and diverse set of scholars and organizations has joined in producing a common-ground document — “Religious Expression in American Public Life: A Joint Statement of Current Law” — which explains what the law is today, but also notes that there are disagreements among the coalition on what the law should be.

The report was produced by the Center for Religion and Public Affairs, Wake Forest University School of Divinity. Charles C. Haynes of the First Amendment Center was on the drafting committee.

The report says that “too often, legal rights and responsibilities in this area are poorly understood,” and expresses the hope that the joint statement “will improve our national dialogue” by making future debates on issues more productive.

Haynes is available to comment on the report. Contact him here.

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