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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

2012 survey: Public opposes unlimited campaign spending First Amendment Center

First Amendment overshadowed in 2011-12 term, Tony Mauro
Plaintiffs assail Va. public-records law on 2 fronts, Tony Mauro
High court spotlight misses First Amendment, Tony Mauro
Stolen Valor ruling a win for free speech, common sense, Ken Paulson
Kennedy invokes counterspeech doctrine in Alvarez, David L. Hudson Jr.
Breyer’s concurring opinion is cause for concern, David L. Hudson Jr.
Expose lies with the truth, Tiffany Villager
Some expression now unfree after Court’s ruling, Ken Paulson
Secret Service case ruling sidesteps First Amendment, Tony Mauro
Court affirms religious groups’ right to say who’s a minister, Charles C. Haynes
Ministerial-exception ruling could increase discrimination, David L. Hudson Jr.
Justices don’t call ‘strike 3’ on FCC, Gene Policinski
Fox ruling: textbook lesson on vague laws, David L. Hudson Jr.
Short takes on FCC v. Fox opinion, Ken Paulson
Union-dues ruling is real free-speech star, Tony Mauro
High court misses chance to clarify contours of teacher speech, David L. Hudson Jr.
Student litigants reflect on Tinker case, David L. Hudson Jr.
Burger’s birthday: His Court’s rulings shaped First Amendment, David L. Hudson Jr.
Significant solitary dissents in First Amendment law, David L. Hudson Jr.
50 years later, how school-prayer ruling changed America, Charles C. Haynes

To bridge religious divide, let students engage students, Charles C. Haynes
In Missouri, perils and politics of ‘don’t say gay,’ Charles C. Haynes
Paying the price for religious illiteracy, Charles C. Haynes
Anti-Islam film: defending the indefensible, Charles C. Haynes
What is the truth about American Muslims? Charles C. Haynes
State lawmakers reignite school wars over religion, Charles C. Haynes
Tennessee’s science law: academic freedom or monkey business? Charles C. Haynes
In East Texas, does cheering for God erase church-state line? Charles C. Haynes
Mitt, Mormons, and the religious test that wasn’t, Charles C. Haynes
God goes back to public school, Charles C. Haynes
Combating Islamophobia: at last, a sense of decency, Charles C. Haynes
Why claims of conscience matter, Charles C. Haynes
Proposed blasphemy ban unwise and unworkable, Ken Paulson
When faith and football don’t mix, Ken Paulson
Student loses case involving religious message in speech, David L. Hudson Jr.

Is ‘liking’ on Facebook a First Amendment right? Ken Paulson
Anti-piracy legislation must balance copyright, freedom, Ken Paulson
Impersonating a cop vs. pretending to be a war hero, Ken Paulson
Legislators: Think of liberties first, then draft bills, Ken Paulson
Here’s what a real attack on Internet freedom looks like, Ken Paulson
Cities may not screen transit ads by viewpoint, Ken Paulson
Jury-nullification case echoes First Amendment origins, Ken Paulson
Once stocked, library books should not be pulled, Ken Paulson
Online anonymity no sure thing in libel cases, Ken Paulson
Real cost of ‘free’ downloads, Ken Paulson
Schools and social media: when off-campus means off limits, Ken Paulson
Much of world wants freedom from speech, Gene Policinski
Proceedings against ‘Muslims’ filmmaker must walk fine free-speech line, Gene Policinski
In the military, speech can be punishable conduct, Gene Policinski
Effort to combat bullying would punish too much speech, Gene Policinski
Cities should keep hands off Chick-fil-A, Gene Policinski
Teacher flunks First Amendment 101 with classroom rant, Gene Policinski
Joan Rivers handcuffs First Amendment to shopping cart, Gene Policinski
‘Mug shot’ sites pose First Amendment dilemma, Gene Policinski
Guidelines to help schools stop bullying, keep free speech, First Amendment Center/Religious Freedom Education Project
Combat bullying, but protect religious and political speech, Charles C. Haynes
‘Whoop ass’ comment doesn’t rise to level of harassment, David L. Hudson Jr.
Late mob informant leaves First Amendment legacy, David L. Hudson Jr.
When zero tolerance means zero judgment, David L. Hudson Jr.
Student’s talk of blowing up school not protected, David L. Hudson Jr.
Filing workers’ comp claim isn’t protected speech, David L. Hudson Jr.
Tenn. man’s complaints about co-worker not protected speech, David L. Hudson Jr.
Official can’t demand apology before letting speaker comment, Douglas E. Lee
Influential judge has cramped view of First Amendment, Douglas E. Lee
Rioters, not speech, to blame for violence in Egypt, Libya, Brian J. Buchanan
Ray Bradbury and the threat to reading, Brian J. Buchanan
Inheritable privacy protection for dead people: bad idea, Brian J. Buchanan
Star-spangled inspiration on Flag Day, Nikki Troia
I read banned books, Nikki Troia

Photography & the First Amendment, Bill Kenworthy
Public has a right to keep an eye on police, Ken Paulson
Traffic laws best way to curb reckless paparazzi, Ken Paulson
When police kill, public has right to information, Ken Paulson
Journalists brave attacks, death in much of the world, Gene Policinski
Tricky call: deciding when news should be held, Gene Policinski
FCC rule makes already struggling free press weaker, Gene Policinski
Shut off leaks at the source, not by jailing reporters, Gene Policinski
‘Quote approval’ turns press from watchdog into lapdog, Gene Policinski
Penned-up press can’t be effective watchdog, Gene Policinski
An ‘important voice’ for the homeless is effectively silenced, David L. Hudson Jr.
Can states limit public records to residents? David L. Hudson Jr.
Editors suggest how to pierce government secrecy, Nikki Troia
Ill. camera coverage of big trials working superbly, Douglas E. Lee

75 years ago, high court ruling protected peaceful assembly, David L. Hudson Jr.

Muhammad Ali and the First Amendment, David L. Hudson Jr.
Remembering Justice Potter Stewart, David L. Hudson Jr.

Celebrating the First Amendment: why ‘land of the free’ is more than a lyric, Ken Paulson
Honoring the documents that keep us free, Gene Policinski
Package of teacher resources for Constitution Day
Turning to the First to understand the Second, David L. Hudson Jr.
‘Image matters’ to viewers of debates, Eugenia Harris

‘Must reads’ of 2011

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