Mark Tapscott

Monday, February 27, 2006

Mark Tapscott is director of the Heritage Foundation's Center for Media and
Public Policy and the foundation's Marilyn and Fred Guardabassi Fellow. Tapscott — who was a Reagan administration political appointee before entering newspaper
journalism — cultivates appreciation among conservatives in Congress and
elsewhere of transparency and accountability as the best antidotes to the abuses
of Big Government.

He has testified before both houses of Congress and helped mobilize
bipartisan coalitions supporting FOIA reforms. His FOIA columns, features and
op-eds have appeared in such newspapers as The Washington Post, Houston
and Hartford Courant, as well as Editor & Publisher, National
Review Online, and the Knight-Ridder-Tribune and Scripps Howard News
Service national editorial wires.

Tapscott is also an active FOIA advocate in the blogosphere through his blog,
Tapscott's Copy Desk.

Inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2006.