Jorge Reina Schement

Wednesday, September 27, 2000

Jorge Reina Schement is a professor and co-director of the
Institute for Information Policy in the College of Communications at Penn
State. His research interests focus on the social and policy consequences of
the production and consumption of information. His book credits
include, Tendencies and Tensions of the Information
(Transaction 1995), Toward an
Information Bill of Rights and Responsibilities
Institute, 1995), Between Communication and
(Transaction 1993), and
Competing Visions, Complex Realities: Social Aspects of the Information
(Ablex 1988). He is a member of boards at the Media
Access Project, Libraries for the Future, the Benton Foundation, the
Advertising Council, the American Library Association, the Tomas Rivera Center,
and the Center for Media Education, as well as a participant in the National
Latino Telecommunications Taskforce.