Internet library filtering bill gets green light from committee

Thursday, April 16, 1998

The Local Government Committee of the California Assembly approved a bill Wednesday that would require public libraries to install filtering software on at least some computer terminals with Internet access.

The committee voted 9-2 in favor of Assembly Bill 2350, submitted by Assemblyman Peter Frusetta, which seeks to protect children from pornography. The bill requires “every public library that provides public access to the Internet shall purchase, install, and maintain computer software that prohibits access to obscene matter” as defined by California law.

However, the committee approved the bill on the condition that Frusetta amend the bill so that certain library computer terminals would be free of filtering software.

Devin Brown, a spokesman for Frusetta, said that “the committee approved the bill with the commitment that it be amended so that certain computer terminals designated for children would have the blocking software and certain computer terminals designated for adults would not have the blocking software.”