Kevin M. Goldberg

Kevin M. Goldberg

Kevin Goldberg is a partner at Cohn and Marks LLP. As counsel to several press associations, including the American Society of Newspaper Editors, White House Correspondents Association, Regional Reporters Association, and the Association of Capitol Reporters and Editors, he engages in advocacy on Freedom of Information and First Amendment issues.

Beginning with the Electronic Freedom of Information Act in 1996, Goldberg has been involved in virtually all major efforts to reform (or prevent reform of) the Freedom of Information Act on Capitol Hill, culminating in the current Open Government Act.

In addition to this legislative work and related work within the executive branch, Goldberg extends his FOI advocacy to the public, writing regularly on these topics for many organizations. He keeps the nation’s newspaper editors alerted of changes to FOIA through articles in the ASNE publication, The American Editor. He does the same for the media lawyers as chair of the Legislative Committee of the Media Law Resource Center, writing a monthly article on key legislation and providing a list of bills pending in Congress which would affect FOIA and the First Amendment.

Goldberg has also written the federal legislative update for the National FOI Day Conference for several years.

Inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2006.