“Freedom” writer Richie Havens: A lasting legacy

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Singer-Songwriter Richie Havens died this week at age 72, leaving behind a legacy of rich performances and compositions.

Havens’ performance of “Freedom” at Woodstock was an anthem for a generation.

He joined us for our “Speaking Freely” television show in 2002 and spoke about how changes in music foreshadowed a dramatic shift in society:

“I think rock and roll was what I call the first generational primal scream, in that (we were) and writing songs about the lives we were living at the time. I think it was quite different, in the sense that an entire generation got the chance to do that, I think, really for the first time in the history of the country. And this is what I think was the beginning of the change in the country towards the becoming of America.”

You’ll find the video and transcript of our conversation on this site.

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