‘Free to Tweet’ winners to be announced March 16

Friday, March 9, 2012

For fans of the First Amendment, there will be plenty to celebrate on March 16. It’s the 261st birthday of Bill of Rights author James Madison, National Freedom of Information Day, and most important for 22 students, the day they are announced as winners of the national “Free to Tweet” competition.

More than 17,000 tweets and messages using the #freetotweet hashtag were posted on Dec. 15, the 220th birthday of the Bill of Rights. The tweets were entries in a national scholarship competition encouraging young people to express their thoughts about the First Amendment and its value in a free society. The entries included content ranging from basic tweets to photo galleries and videos.

Beginning just after midnight EDT on Friday, March 16, the Free to Tweet program will tweet the name of a winning entrant each hour. The competition was organized by 1 for All, a collaborative effort by educators, artists, journalists, lawyers, librarians and many more to help build understanding of First Amendment freedoms. The scholarships were funded by the Knight Foundation, and coordinated by the First Amendment Center and the American Society of News Editors.

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