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Thursday, February 2, 2006

Each year during March, journalism organizations undertake a nationwide
campaign to press for government access, which they say is being denied more
often by officials who claim post-Sept. 11 security concerns warrant keeping
information secret. It's called Sunshine

Sunshine Week 2006 is March 12-18.

News organizations will run stories, editorials and cartoons on the subject.
The project, joined by more than 50 news outlets, journalism groups,
universities and the American Library Association, was inspired by a campaign in
Florida three years ago.

One major highlight will be the First Amendment Center's annual National FOI Day conference at the Freedom Forum
in Arlington, Va., which will be held Thursday, March 16. Sunshine Week is
cosponsoring the conference this year.

The First Amendment Center Online offers comprehensive research and resources
on all aspects of Freedom of Information — as well as news, commentaries and

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