Florida school official shrugs off latest student publication

Monday, March 16, 1998

A second underground pamphlet surfaced recently at Killian High School in Miami, Fla., where nine students were arrested last month for distributing an obscenity-filled publication.

But a Miami-Dade County public school official dismissed the latest publication, called “Anarchy Underground,” saying the “copycat” pamphlet doesn't pose the kind of threat the first one did.

Principal Timothy Dawson last month ordered school police to arrest nine students for their part in distributing 2,500 pamphlets titled “First Amendment.” Along with the vulgarities, the 20-page booklet included many complaints about the administration and conditions at the school. Dawson said he felt some passages threatened him directly.

Florida authorities later dropped the charges saying they didn't think they could win their case against the students. School officials recently moved all nine students to other schools.

The anonymous authors of the second pamphlet were careful not to spell out obscenities and referred to Dawson with only a question mark. One passage reads:

“The way that ? runs this school is *ucking pathetic. He runs the dump like it's some *ucking preschool. Next thing you know, he'll have us wearing *ucking uniforms.”

The pamphlet also includes two religious drawings: one of “The Church of Satan” and another one warning readers to “Beware of the Antichrist.”

Deputy Superintendent Henry Fraud said that the school officials have “discounted this second pamphlet and there's nothing to pursue.”