First Amendment Center FAQs

Can the First Amendment Center represent me in my First Amendment case, or help with my legal costs?
The First Amendment Center does not provide legal representation, and does not fund litigation. We’re a nonprofit organization focused on education and information about First Amendment issues.

Can you provide legal advice on whether or how I should proceed with a First Amendment lawsuit?
No, you need a qualified attorney for that. Laws differ from state to state. Martindale, Findlaw and other online legal services offer ways to find lawyers by specialty where you live. However, the information posted on our site may help you and your attorney. See a list of the topics we cover. Use the search engine for other terms that interest you.

What about amicus briefs in First Amendment court cases?
The First Amendment Center’s mission is to serve as a nonpartisan source of information rather than as a participant in legal disputes. Therefore, the center does not file amicus briefs.

Does the First Amendment Center lobby Congress, state legislatures or other government bodies on behalf of First Amendment issues or causes?
No. We are an educational organization. We provide information and sometimes expert testimony that members of Congress or others may find useful, but we do not lobby.

I’m writing a paper for school on a First Amendment topic. Can you help me?
Our website has a wealth of information that may be useful in your project. Search the site for your topic and other terms that interest you. If you quote or paraphrase our information, be sure to cite where you obtained it: First Amendment Center Online/(name of article author), or The Associated Press if you quote from an AP story.

Does the First Amendment Center provide speakers or programs for groups or conferences?
Yes, as schedules and duties permit, First Amendment Center staff speaks to groups and conferences or participates in programs. Generally the inviting group must fund travel-related expenses for the First Amendment Center participant. The center welcomes invitations to participate in nonpartisan, educational events about First Amendment issues.

How often do you update your website?
Daily. We post news, commentary, analysis and links about First Amendment issues every day. Research articles are updated as needed.