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Justice Marshall: eloquent First Amendment defender

Thurgood Marshall had a gift for explaining the importance of the First Amendment in different contexts, such as in these five examples.

Supreme Court rejects atheist’s appeal over cross

Justices decline review of atheist’s claim against Illinois grant given to refurbish 111-foot-high Bald Knob Cross of Peace.

High court takes up case on compelled speech

At issue: whether the government can require AIDS groups receiving grants to state their opposition to prostitution and sex trafficking as a condition of funding.

New animal-cruelty indictments raise First Amendment questions

After Supreme Court’s U.S. v. Stevens ruling struck down law criminalizing animal-cruelty videos, new, narrower law may still be vulnerable on free-speech grounds, experts say.

High court won’t consider challenge to S.C. religious classes

4th Circuit had upheld off-campus program allowing students to earn high school credit, saying district properly accommodated religion without establishing it.

Sheriff may have to pay fees in abortion-protest lawsuit

Justices reverse decision saying sheriff’s office in South Carolina wasn’t required to pay attorney’s fees in lawsuit involving protesters who were told they couldn’t hold up signs showing aborted fetuses.

High court hears textbook-resale copyright case

Closely watched dispute pits Thai graduate student, who resold in the U.S. textbooks purchased overseas, against publishers; music, movie industries, Costco, eBay, Google, art museums weigh in on both sides.

Supreme Court halts turnover of secret IRA tapes

Unless the Justice Department appeals and wins, Boston College will not have to hand over interviews recorded with a convicted Irish Republican Army bomber.

High court won’t hear challenge to wiretap law

Case stems from federal surveillance rules that include legal liability protection for telecom companies that allegedly helped the U.S. spy on Americans without warrants.

Plaintiffs assail Va. public-records law on 2 fronts

In their high court briefs in McBurney v. Young, news organizations and public-advocacy groups stress that law restricting access by out-of-staters impedes newsgathering and the national ‘information industry.’

High court to consider Va. limits on public records

Two out-of-state residents say it is unconstitutional not to allow everyone use of a state’s FOIA law.

Justices turn away 3 election-related appeals

Supreme Court won’t consider challenges to Maine’s campaign-disclosure law, Washington’s top-2 primary system or Minnesota’s rules for judicial candidates.

Honoring our military medalists the right way

News items about fraud indictments and a Pentagon website suggest there’s no need to rewrite the Stolen Valor Act, which the Supreme Court struck down.

First Amendment overshadowed in 2011-12 term

The Supreme Court’s six First Amendment-related rulings followed a well-established pattern, including wins, losses and a ‘no-decision.’

Breyer’s concurring opinion is cause for concern

Justice may have reached same conclusion as majority — finding that Stolen Valor Act is unconstitutional — but how he did so is troubling.

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