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Beyond the outrage, is Hobby Lobby decision a win-win?

Supreme Court ruling is neither the all-out assault on women’s rights alleged by some on the left nor the major expansion of religious freedom trumpeted by many on the right.

A positive Supreme Court term for the First Amendment

But increasingly narrow holdings, exceptions for national security, rights for corporations leave questions about what direction Court’s First Amendment jurisprudence will go.

Court limits Garcetti – at least a little

Justices reject argument that 2006 decision sharply curtailing public employees’ free speech applied in a case involving court testimony.

Qualified immunity protects Secret Service agents

In Supreme Court case involving Oregon protest, justices rule that Secret Service protection of the president takes precedence over considerations of viewpoint discrimination.

Much to-do about history for divided high court

Though sharply divided on whether legislative prayers in Greece, N.Y., are permissible, two Supreme Court justices agree that history factors into the constitutional calculus.

Justice Marshall: eloquent First Amendment defender

Thurgood Marshall had a gift for explaining the importance of the First Amendment in different contexts, such as in these five examples.

High court takes up case on compelled speech

At issue: whether the government can require AIDS groups receiving grants to state their opposition to prostitution and sex trafficking as a condition of funding.

New animal-cruelty indictments raise First Amendment questions

After Supreme Court’s U.S. v. Stevens ruling struck down law criminalizing animal-cruelty videos, new, narrower law may still be vulnerable on free-speech grounds, experts say.

Plaintiffs assail Va. public-records law on 2 fronts

In their high court briefs in McBurney v. Young, news organizations and public-advocacy groups stress that law restricting access by out-of-staters impedes newsgathering and the national ‘information industry.’

Honoring our military medalists the right way

News items about fraud indictments and a Pentagon website suggest there’s no need to rewrite the Stolen Valor Act, which the Supreme Court struck down.

First Amendment overshadowed in 2011-12 term

The Supreme Court’s six First Amendment-related rulings followed a well-established pattern, including wins, losses and a ‘no-decision.’

Breyer’s concurring opinion is cause for concern

Justice may have reached same conclusion as majority — finding that Stolen Valor Act is unconstitutional — but how he did so is troubling.

50 years later, how school-prayer ruling changed America

Critics of Supreme Court ruling in Engel v. Vitale have one thing right: The decision changed America — just not in the way they think, because God was not ‘kicked out’ of public schools.

Video: Stolen Valor Act ruling analyzed

First Amendment Center’s Ken Paulson and David L. Hudson Jr. discuss the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in United States v. Alvarez, which struck down the Stolen Valor Act.

Expose lies with the truth

Those who would dilute the value of military honors can be outed in public with no sacrifice of free speech.

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