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America’s favorite freedom

State of the First Amendment survey showing 47% of Americans saying free speech is most important right is reassuring affirmation of how crucial speaking your mind is in a democracy.

Fear after violent incidents imperils our core liberties

State of the First Amendment survey showing steep rise in number of people saying First Amendment goes too far is cause for concern for the freedoms that make us who we are.

Once reminded, most Americans are protective of 1st freedoms

Just 13% of respondents in 2012 survey say the First Amendment ‘goes too far in the rights it guarantees,’ the lowest figure ever on that question.

Support grows for free speech in songs

Performers have the right to sing lyrics others might find offensive, 67% of respondents say in latest State of the First Amendment survey … here are some thoughts on why.

Surprising support for separating church from state

State of the First Amendment survey shows 67% of respondents agree the First Amendment prohibits government entanglement with religion — and there’s good religious-freedom news on the international front, too.