Feds, soldier’s supporter in Wikileaks case settle

The federal government has agreed to destroy all data obtained from a computer and other electronic devices seized from an outspoken advocate of an Army private accused of sending more than 700,000 classified U.S. documents to Wikileaks, the American Civil Liberties Union announced Thursday.

Central Va. psychic loses appeal to US panel

A federal appeals panel has rejected a psychic’s claims that Chesterfield County’s zoning and business licensing regulations violate her religious and free-speech rights.

Virginia judge won’t bar defendant from online posts

A federal judge in Roanoke has rejected prosecutors’ attempts to ban a doctor charged with illegally prescribing pain medication from discussing the case online.

Minn. high court: Online review is protected speech

Justices dismiss case by neurologist David McKee, who took offense when a patient’s son posted critical remarks about him on rate-your-doctor websites.

Mixed decision in Dead Sea Scrolls case

New York appeals court throws out identity theft charge against Raphael Golb but preserves convictions on several other charges.

Federal court backs San Francisco nudity ban

‘In spite of what plaintiffs argue, nudity in and of itself is not inherently expressive,’ judge writes.

4th Circuit: WikiLeaks prosecutors can demand Twitter user data

Three-judge panel also says the government’s reasons as to why it is seeking the information can remain sealed.

Idaho high court rules against ex-professor

State justices say Habib Sadid’s firing for violating protocol for criticism of administrators was justified, therefore he is not entitled to unemployment benefits.

Federal judge limits New Orleans’ Super Bowl ‘clean zone’

Court grants temporary restraining order, saying city can only enforce rules that limit signs, banners and flags near the Superdome.

7th Circuit: Ind. can’t bar sex offenders from social media

Judges find 2008 law ‘broadly prohibits substantial protected speech rather than specifically targeting the evil of improper communications to minors.’

Congressman seeks to overturn Citizens United

Massachusetts’ James McGovern introduces two constitutional amendments targeting the high court’s decision, which lifted many restrictions on corporate spending in political elections.

N.C. town wins appeal on sign lawsuit

4th Circuit rules that officials did not violate man’s rights when it fined him for painting ‘Screwed By The Town of Cary’ on his house.

Iowa high court extends libel protection to online publishers

But justices refuse to give those rights to individual social-media users, saying the victims of cyberbullying and online smear campaigns should be able to sue more easily.

Inmate presses First Amendment claim over monitored calls to his attorney

Tennessee county sheriff’s office will have to convince a court that there were legitimate safety interests in monitoring inmate calls.

2 S.C. men arrested over rap video

Sheriff tells newspaper that Keith Gadson and Rodregiz Cole threatened a judge and former prosecutor; attorney claims his client’s free-speech rights were violated.

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