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Telling the police to f*** off: risky First Amendment business

Although some courts have protected some obscene rants directed at cops, you still might want to be careful if you get pulled over.

Cannibal Cop: freedom for thoughts, fantasies we hate

By Clay Calvert Ruling that throws out conviction of police officer for conspiracy to commit kidnapping on basis of grisly online posts strikes blow against dangerous notion of ‘thought crimes.’

The high stakes for short messages

Parody twitter accounts deserve the full protection of the First Amendment.

Thomas again calls for overruling of Buckley v. Valeo

Justice Clarence Thomas asserts that giving money to a political campaign constitutes core political speech that’s protected by the First Amendment.

A ‘flash’ of insight on just how free is our free speech

Case involving flashing headlights to warn motorists of speed traps reminds us that government can’t override our free speech without good reason rooted in law.

A time for more speech in the face of bias, bigotry

One of the hardest times for the image of the First Amendment is when its protection means sheltering speech that most people find offensive, degrading or vile.

Ruling for rapper Rick Ross good for First Amendment

Court finds musician did not so much appropriate the name of the real former cocaine dealer Ricky D. Ross as engage in transformative artistic expression.

Civility: Let’s try that free-speech option in 2014 in public life

To reshape public debate in a more civil manner, truth, independence and transparency are a good place for a free press to start.

Here are 3 ‘Duck Dynasty’ free-speech lessons

Phil Robertson’s adventures in free speech remind us that, as long as government doesn’t intervene, there’s no First Amendment issue.

A victory for student speech, but will it be Pyrrhic?

All the 3rd Circuit needed to do was find that “I Love Boobies” bracelets were not plainly lewd or substantially disruptive to the school.

Crass though it may be, this tweet is free speech

It’s not just athletes and celebrities that damage their careers with indiscreet tweets.

Debate over Syria an unprecedented national ‘e-conversation’

Americans are engaged in what is a historic – at least, by virtue of being largely electronic – national discussion over national priorities and military options.

Loudness and liberty: When free speech is shouted down

Shouting down or drowning out speakers is not an exercise is free speech. No ideas are exchanged when the speech from one party or group is simply designed to inhibit the speech of another.

Crackdown on comedy in Egypt

Egypt has reportedly arrested a comedian for mocking President Mohamed Morsi, prompting criticism by the U.S. State Department.

When online reviews lead to lawsuits

Hotels, doctor and other ratings are controversial, but courts view most as free speech.

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