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Attorney can quote judicial opinions in advertising

Federal appeals panel finds quotes lauding attorney’s ability are truthful and not misleading.

Court limits Garcetti – at least a little

Justices reject argument that 2006 decision sharply curtailing public employees’ free speech applied in a case involving court testimony.

Federal appeals court issues significant ruling on student online speech

Decision upholding expulsion of a student who allegedly made online threats increases possibility that Supreme Court will tackle thorny questions of student online expression.

High court takes up case on compelled speech

At issue: whether the government can require AIDS groups receiving grants to state their opposition to prostitution and sex trafficking as a condition of funding.

2nd Circuit reinstates lawsuit in middle-finger arrest

N.Y. couple pulled over after man flipped off police at speed trap claim violation of Fourth, First Amendment rights.

What’s ahead for student speech in 2013?

From social media to boobie bracelets, student expression faces tests in school and in court.

Ohio court: Girl’s curses at cops were fighting words

Appellate judges agree with juvenile court judge, finding middle school student’s profanity wasn’t protected speech.

New animal-cruelty indictments raise First Amendment questions

After Supreme Court’s U.S. v. Stevens ruling struck down law criminalizing animal-cruelty videos, new, narrower law may still be vulnerable on free-speech grounds, experts say.

‘Gay-conversion therapy’: Is it speech or conduct?

Two opposing federal rulings on new California law prohibiting sexual-orientation change therapy for minors illustrate important distinction in First Amendment cases.

In true-threat cases, context matters

Why a court found that a California public school student had no First Amendment defense to making threats to a teacher and principal.

Student’s talk of blowing up school not protected

New York appeals court finds comments made to students and a teacher caused substantial school disruption under standard described in Supreme Court’s Tinker ruling.

Court: Isolated mail interference doesn’t violate inmates’ rights

Ruling in Pennsylvania prisoner’s case, 3rd Circuit says inmates must show a pattern of interference with the mail in order to prove a First Amendment violation.

Filing workers’ comp claim isn’t protected speech

Federal judge rejects Pennsylvania woman’s claims that county officials violated her First Amendment rights by firing her after she filed for workers’ compensation.

Fired cop can proceed with lawsuit over online postings

U.S. district judge refuses to dismiss Eric Beyer’s suit claiming retaliation for his sometimes-profane criticisms of a Pennsylvania borough council.

School clerk not protected in reporting improper payments

2nd Circuit panel reverses lower court ruling for former school employee, saying Supreme Court’s Garcetti decision leaves her no free-speech protection.

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