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34% say First Amendment goes too far in protecting rights

2013 State of the First Amendment survey results announced.

2012 survey: Public opposes unlimited campaign spending

By a 2-1 ratio, Americans responding to the State of the First Amendment survey say corporations and unions should not be able to spend as much as they want to support or oppose political candidates.

State of the First Amendment results to be released

News release This year’s authoritative survey on public attitudes toward First Amendment freedoms will focus on free press, news-media credibility the rights of student news organizations.

Wanted: better coverage of Obama policies

Survey summary
Full results
When it comes to news coverage about the Obama administration and major issues facing the nation, a Gallup survey commissioned by the First Amendment Center and the Newseum released today shows the public wants “better” — especially about the economy.
The national survey of more than 1,000 adults — conducted Jan. 20-21, exactly [...]

Blog: Pew report on local news echoes our survey

Comment? E-mail meTraditional news media were found to be the major source of local news in a
new study released Jan. 11. The finding is in line with results from the First Amendment Center's 2009
State of the First Amendment survey on where the public turns for reports on
major news developments.
The Pew Research Center’s Project
for Excellence in [...]

Americans still turn to traditional news media first

When it comes to a free press, Americans still like the idea — but after that, well, there are questions.
Most of us still depend on traditional news media — television, newspapers and radio — when it comes to learning of breaking news or finding out more about the big story, according to the just-released 2009 [...]

Traditional news media still 1st source on big stories

Analysis, tables
WASHINGTON — Americans still support the idea of a free press as a watchdog on government, and turn to traditional news sources on major news stories despite skepticism about bias in the news media, according to findings in the first segment of the 2009 State of the First Amendment national survey conducted by [...]

’07 survey shows Americans’ views mixed on basic freedoms

Survey tables
WASHINGTON — Sixty-five percent of Americans believe that the nation's
founders intended the U.S. to be a Christian nation and 55% believe that the
Constitution establishes a Christian nation, according to the “State of the
First Amendment 2007” national survey released Sept. 11 by the First Amendment
The survey also found that 71% of Americans would limit [...]

We don’t teach — or encourage — First Amendment freedoms in school

“Freedom” may be just another word — to borrow a lyric from Janis Joplin — to about one in four Americans, who don’t see any of the five freedoms of the First Amendment as “essential” in their lives.
The “State of the First Amendment 2007” report, issued Sept. 11 by the First Amendment Center, asked American [...]

Study: Majority of students don’t know it’s Constitution Day

WASHINGTON — Constitution Day is here and many teenagers know little about commemorating the document's signing.
A study being released today by a foundation that focuses on journalism and the First Amendment found that 51% of high school students questioned had not heard of the day when they are required by law to learn about [...]

Freedom of what? First Amendment no big deal, students say

News conference Webcast

WASHINGTON — The way many high school students see it, government censorship of newspapers may not be a bad thing, and flag-burning is hardly protected free speech.
It turns out the First Amendment is a second-rate issue to many of those nearing their own adult independence, according to a study of high school [...]

Support of first freedoms back to pre-9/11 levels

WASHINGTON — Americans’ support for their First Amendment freedoms — deeply shaken by the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 — continues to rebound and is back at pre-9/11 levels, according to the annual State of the First Amendment survey, conducted by the First Amendment Center in collaboration with American Journalism Review magazine.
“The 2004 survey [...]

Commentary on the 2004 report

Freedom is making a comeback — of sorts.
Nearly two-thirds of Americans responding to the 2004 State of the First Amendment survey disagree with the statement that “the First Amendment goes too far in the rights it guarantees.”
Two years ago, the survey showed virtually a 50-50 split on whether the First Amendment gives us too [...]

Analysis: 2004 State of First Amendment survey report

One theme persists over the eight years that the First Amendment Center has conducted the State of the First Amendment survey: In the minds of many Americans, there is a troubling disconnect between principle and practice when it comes to First Amendment rights and values.
Americans in significant numbers appear willing to regulate the speech of [...]

Ex-AP chief: Media should educate public about First Amendment

PHOENIX — The news media should do a better job of educating the public about all the freedoms the First Amendment guarantees, Louis D. Boccardi, the former president and chief executive of The Associated Press, said on Oct. 17.
Editors and journalists should continue to be vigilant in ensuring that courtrooms and public proceedings are open [...]

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