Federal prosecutor booed at forum on tolerance

The U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Tennessee tried to explain tolerance to an audience in Manchester. Most wanted none of it.

News media can intervene in priest-files fight

Judge issues order allowing Associated Press, Los Angeles Times to argue against redactions in personnel files of Catholic priests accused of sex abuse in L.A. archdiocese.

Hobby Lobby won’t offer morning-after pill

Defiance of new health-care law by crafts chain and sister company risks potential fines of $1.3 million per day.

CBS special looks at religious freedom, diversity, threats

First Amendment Center’s Charles C. Haynes, other religious scholars and leaders are interviewed.

Pa. rabbi wins right to perform funeral rites

Rabbi Daniel Wasserman had sued, saying he faced potential penalties for holding funerals that do not involve embalming, and for burying the dead without the presence of a licensed funeral director.

Judge frees Orthodox rabbi who refused to testify

Moshe Zigelman had vowed to follow Talmudic doctrine of mesira, which bars Jews from informing on other Jews to secular authorities.

‘America is religious, but also illiterate of religion’

Salt Lake City’s Deseret News looks into why Modesto, Calif., is the only school district in the U.S. requiring students to take a world religions course.

Man behind anti-Muslim film gets 1 year in prison

Mark Bassely Youssef, who will serve time for probation violations, issues statement against radical Islam after sentencing.

Judge backs NASA lab in intelligent-design case

Tentative ruling leans toward Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s argument that it fired computer specialist not because of his belief in a religious theory but because he was combative and didn’t keep his skills sharp.

IRS not enforcing rules on churches and politics

Official says tax agency has suspended audits of churches suspected of breaching federal restrictions on political activity.

Ind. school district ends youth minister’s lunch visits

‘No other persons who are not associated with the school are allowed to stand in the lunchroom like this,’ parents’ complaint states, alleging ‘an endorsement of religion.’

Rabbis challenge NYC circumcision regulation

Federal lawsuit seeks to block enforcement of a new rule requiring written parental consent for circumcision rite that city health experts say is dangerous.

9th Circuit rejects inmate’s challenge to typewriter ban

Panel cites 2011 ruling in determining that Nevada’s policy is reasonably related to prison-safety concerns.

Ill. appeals court backs pharmacists on morning-after pill

Luke Vander Bleek and Glenn Kosirog set out to shield their pharmacies from a 2005 governor’s executive order requiring all druggists to fill prescriptions for emergency contraception.

Anything goes after dark on Bourbon Street — except preaching

Ordinance’s backers say it’s a public safety measure to help with crowd control and discourage con-artists, but street preachers say it’s a violation of their First Amendment rights.

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