CBS special looks at religious freedom, diversity, threats

First Amendment Center’s Charles C. Haynes, other religious scholars and leaders are interviewed.

‘America is religious, but also illiterate of religion’

Salt Lake City’s Deseret News looks into why Modesto, Calif., is the only school district in the U.S. requiring students to take a world religions course.

9th Circuit rejects inmate’s challenge to typewriter ban

Panel cites 2011 ruling in determining that Nevada’s policy is reasonably related to prison-safety concerns.

Guards immune from claim after removing inmate’s cap

Prisoner contended his religious liberties were violated when officers took his prison ID photograph; 3rd Circuit panel disagrees.

4 lack standing to challenge federal hate-crimes law

6th Circuit panel affirms finding that three ministers and an anti-gay advocate failed to show they faced credible prosecution threat for their outspoken opposition to homosexuality.

Street preacher topples Tenn. town’s permit rules

State appeals court agrees with Wallace Scott Langford that Maryville’s ordinance is too broad, too vague and gives too much discretion to police chief.

Judge blames atheist for Muslim’s attack

Jonathan Turley reports on a Pennsylvania case involving an atheist who dressed as a “zombie Muhammad” and was confronted by a Muslim; the judge ridiculed the atheist in dismissing his case alleging harassment.

Tenn. bill would amend bullying law to protect religious belief

Proposed legislation is an effort to protect rights of students to express religious beliefs that criticize homosexuality.

Sikh group sues over Jay Leno’s Romney joke

Hollywood Reporter says legal complaint claims that showing a picture of the religion’s holiest shrine on ‘The Tonight Show’ exposed all Sikhs to hatred and ridicule.

Student punished for saying homosexuality is wrong

Fort Worth, Texas, honors student receives suspension after making remark to friend in German class.

Shariah law sparks lively debate

Panel and audience at First Amendment Center exchange views — sometimes heatedly — about controversial question.

Congressman: I’ll oust Houston VA cemetery director

Houston Chronicle reports that John Culberson is working to eliminate funding for Arleen Ocasio, who is under fire over religious speech at veterans cemetery.

Dutch court acquits anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders

Right-wing politician who said there was no such thing as “moderate Islam” found not guilty of charges of inciting hatred and discrimination against Muslims, The New York Times reports.

Conflict over religion in schools goes way back

Reuters article notes that fear of Catholics did more than court rulings to secularize American public education.

Useless to resurrect Religious Freedom Restoration Act, professor says

Congressional and state legislative efforts to pass religious-liberty protection laws are a waste of time and will ultimately prove worthless, a constitutional law scholar charges.
Tom McCoy, a professor at Vanderbilt University, told an audience yesterday at The Freedom Forum First Amendment Center in Nashville that the only way to bolster protections of religious liberty from [...]